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Jan 18, 2006
I got a 07 chevy 1500 about 3 weeks ago.It has the driver information center on the dash and it tells the trans temp.Ive been watching it and the highest it gets is 170 after fully warmed up and going through all the gears at full throttle. This morning on my 20 mile commute it peaked at 136 and that was right when I was pulling in my driveway.Should I put a peice of board over the factory cooler until the warm months come back around.I know Ive read somewhere that 180 was ideal trans temp.Am I just worrying over nothing.
I wouldnt worry about it. At least on my Tacos tranny on an average day ive gotten 120 or below...during the summer no higher than 170 cruising around town. On the freeway it barley hits 100. Its been this way for the last three years and no issues to date.
I'm sure almost all BITOG members are in agreement with this statement: The cooler your transmission, the better.
Sounds perfect. 136 isn't too cool. As long as the transmission uses all the gears, and the TC locks up at will, then don't worry about the temp being too cool. It also helps that you're running a high group base oil thin ATF that doen't have cold flow issues like some older ATFs.
I have a 07 Silverado with the DIC also. My trans temps are the same as yours. I am not sure if you have a trans cooler like I do. Mine came from the factory with the towing package. You will find that the operating trans temp go up and down with the outside air temp. In the summer when it gets into the 90`s the trans will run around 195. Now it is lucky if it hits 140. The 07`s come with the 4L60 or 4L70 trans depending on the motor and option package, and run DEX VI fluid. I added a inline trans fluid filter and that even dropped the temps another 5 degrees.
My 2008 GMC SLT Z71 E. Cab (4,000 miles) has the HD trans cooler with HD towing. I observe the very same temps. Its normal, heat is detrimental for Auto trans. Start towing or hauling and watch the temp go up.
I'm sure almost all BITOG members are in agreement with this statement: The cooler your transmission, the better.
That is correct. Heat is the number 1 killer of an AT.
since a trans does not deal with combustion byproducts and condensation, pcv valves, etc, it would make sence to assume the cooler the better, but i have to wonder if there are any heat activated additives in atf which might not work unless the atf is up to a certain temp.
My 2006 YukonXL has a trans temp guage and never gets over 200 in Summer and 150 in Winter. With the DexVI cold operation is never a problem.
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