Traded in two vehicles, and bought a new truck

I was just looking the other day at a very similar truck to yours, but I think it had the 7.2kw generator. Sticker was high $60s but the dealer told me they were selling for sticker (of course he’d say that) minus rebates. Good to see you did well on yours. I was considering selling my Raptor to a dealer after 2 years and 16k miles for more than I paid, getting a brand new truck and putting about $10k in my pocket but can’t pull the trigger yet. Very sharp truck, enjoy!
First Congrats on new vehicle! Looks very sharp!!!

Yep! used value is crazy, i just sold my tundra. Carmax didnt give me good so i went with different dealer who only buys vehicles for auction.
Congrats. You got a good price considering the market. The color is nice, too.

I have a 2020 Laramie with the mild hybrid and don't like the feel of the regenerative braking. I would think a normal hybrid would be felt more in this regard, but a lot if people don't mind or even notice. So with used prices how they are, I just ordered a 2021 RAM Limited. Had a 2018 F150 and it had many problems so won't be going back to Ford ant time soon (and I just like the RAM better).
redhat-how do you like the brakes on it so far? I’ve read some posts and reviews and brake feel seemed to be the main complaint.
redhat-how do you like the brakes on it so far? I’ve read some posts and reviews and brake feel seemed to be the main complaint.
I can see where they are coming from in regards to a different brake feel. In the few days driving, I have become mostly accustom to it. Still a bit different, but nothing bad. If anything, I find myself braking a touch sooner and longer allowing for the regenerative braking to do its thing. Truth be told, I was probably hard on brakes before. This might be an all around good thing -- easier on brakes and recapturing that energy.

I know the hybrid already has been driving easier.
Thank you all for the congrats -- love the truck. I have an appt. on the 24th for a spray in bedliner. Beyond that, I have WeatherTech mud flaps on order. My other plans for the truck this spring/summer includes driving and enjoying it and an oil change here or there.
I don't use my pickup any more, good to know dealers are buying rigs outright.
Dealers sure are i sold a 2008 gmc sierra extended cab with 42k miles i got 17,000 from a local used car lot. I probably could have gotten 1-2k more but I didn’t want to play the private party tire kicker, low ball games. Plus many buyers in that price range would need to finance and I didn’t want to go thru that. Cashiers check for title DONE.
wait you’re driving a 60k new truck while your wife is driving a 2005 suburban?
Yes and she loves it. She puts on 6 miles a day. I put on 65.

You say that as if a 2005 Suburban, clean from Texas, in A1 shape is a bad thing.
Super nice! I do hope the mpg creeps up some for you. My 2.7 does well. I recently switched tires to yoko go15s and am bringing in 22mpg or slightly higher in my commute, which is a smooth and easy drive. I think yours will do better, and the power inverter would be a huge boon. I have to admit, if I had the coin and wanted a new truck, yours would have my eye, yessir.
I really like how the wheels look.

2400 watt generator? Gas generator in the bed? Or and inverter outlet from the engine? Sounds handy though.