Tracker smokes

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Nov 29, 2002
Mom took our Tracker to the grocery store and upon initial start up today, I noticed the Tracker was blowing black smoke out the tailpipe. It smelled much like carbon build up and the smoke was excessive. However, the smoke going by the Tracker, it looked like blue but did not smell like burning oil. I figured it was just the MMO shock dosage and Auto-rx working together to clean things up. After mom returned, I took the Tracker out on the highway since it doesn't see much of it and never did see much highway from the previous owner. I took it out for a highway cruise and gave it ****. The smell of carbon being burned out was very heavy. I did not see any evidence of smoke trailering the exhaust, then again, I was going about 65mph@5000RPM. After a while of giving it ****, the smell did seem to clear up alittle bit, but it still persists upon heavy accleration at highway speeds. I'll let it sit tonight in the driveway, then start it up late tonight or tommorow to see if the smoke persists,,,,,AR
You may have a bad valve seal(s). Oil will sometimes seep by these and then get burned at start-up and or when sitting and idling.
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