Tough older guy shoots home invaders.

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May 30, 2010
North Carolina

Sounds like he was pretty tough. From what i read it sounds like they were complying with demands for money but then when they went for the granddaughter he went for his gun. All three of the home invaders were armed. The grandfather was shot multible times but so far has survived. All three criminals were shot, one died after taking his car.Good Job Gramps!
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Awesome! Hope he gets well soon. To bad if the one that died was a minority, they will be screaming discrimination.
I don't open the door to anyone until I determine that their intentions are benign.. My S&W is close by and I know how to use it. Your can' t be too careful about letting strangers into your home. Get well soon gramps. Regards to you sir.
Both my sliding kitchen window and living room window are on opposite sides of my front door. I can talk to strangers without opening the door.

I also tag my front door with a 'No Soliciting' sign and never let any meter-type readers into my home, without a prior appointment.
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Definitely tough! An armed society is a safe society.


I wish that old man a quick recovery, and a huge thank you.

I'm glad the old man took proactive measures and did as much damage to the perps as possible. Good to see one of the criminals died in the act too.

You also have to remember that the old man did all us other
decent citizens a favor because other criminals realize that they too could end up dead.
IIRC: The other criminals will get charged with murder since their accomplice died. (even though they didn't shoot him)
Sounds like he practiced, coming out on the better end of a 3 on 1 gunfight in close quarters! I'd wander if he was ex military?
Too bad the homeowner was injured. Hope for a speedy recovery.

This is a definite reminder to EVERYONE, NEVER OPEN YOUR DOOR to strangers. Put no soliciting signs at the door. If someone knocks, tell them to go away through the locked front door

I don't buy goods/services at my front door, I am not changing my utilities, I don't want to hear religious banter, I don't want to buy meat out of the back of a truck, etc. As far as I'm concerned there is no valid reason for me to open my front door for strangers. If your car broke down or you need some other assistance, I will gladly call the sheriff to come and assist you.

I only answer the front door for UPS/FedEx/USPS and govt officials on official business. Everyone else can kick rocks.

I actually have this sign posted near my front porch next to my walkway. Seems to work pretty good at getting rid of the rif raff.

If they still want to push it and decide that my house looks like a nice place to rape/rob/pillage and decide to kick in my front door, they will be shot in the face, repeatedly, until they no longer pose a threat. Me and my family won't be defenseless victims.
Bless the homeowner that stands up for his right to have a safe home, safe from scum like this. If this man would have followed the advice of the government the police would be filling out paperwork at the morgue for 3 dead members of this family and 3 scum bags would be off to the next conquest.
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Awesome! Hope he gets well soon. To bad if the one that died was a minority, they will be screaming discrimination.

LMAO, we will have protests soon claiming how "because he was a minority, he was overkilled"

Note: I myself am a minority in the US
A pretty large part of society would prefer he not have a gun and to call the police and wait.

I'm not one of them, but there are a lot, trust me.
I wouldn't want to shot anyone or even possibly kill them but I would do it to protect my family without a second thought.

Dogs really do help in home defense. Even if they are small dogs that do nothing but bark. The early warning gives you time to possiboily get a fire arm and find where they are coming in threw.

First shot will be a bird shot after that its slugs.
One tough 'ole boy... Shot at least times according to the article. Four times in the leg, three in the arm, shattering it and one that pierced his heart! And he still managed to walk across the street to get help and remain conscious while waiting for the ambulance- that had to be called twice!

My hat is off to him and I wish him a speedy recovery. I also wish that I am be able to do as well as he did, if ever the circumstance calls for it.
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