2020 Grand Cherokee SRT - 20,000km update

You know what though? Most other brands are honest. I called VW about an Audi my now Ex was looking at. You know what they told me? The common failure points and when they occurred, out to 125K miles. I had a recall on my Mazda once. You know what they did? They FIXED THE CAR! It's just insane that you'd think this would be normal, but with a Jeep/Chrysler...it's not. You get into lawsuits and end up buying junk-yard salvage to fix recalls that broke your vehicle because FCA literally doesn't have the ability or wherewithal to fix what they broke. Just Google "N23" if you want to know how horribly low quality FCA is. The short story? They put out a faulty chip board that if degraded, will allow the vehicle to roll away when parked. To fix this, they re-flashed the FCD module. This raises the tolerances for something or other and prevents the physical defect from causing the roll-away (allegedly). As a result, in a few months, your 4WD LO and Neutral are disabled. You must reconnect/disconnect the battery to get them working again. There STILL is no fix for this last I looked.

The only Jeep/Chrysler dealer I found that was honest finally admitted that my transmission leaking was likely because of faulty castings Chrysler used. They were porous and just wept fluid. (this is after another dealer replaced the front main-pump seal 20K miles prior, and it still leaked soon after. If it ever STOPPED, and just didn't need to re-fill the bellhousing before it wept out again).

This is how trash FCA products are. Porous castings. Recalls that disable the 4WD LOW in a vehicle with factory skidplates. It's just insane. People only buy FCA because it's dirt cheap and they simply live with the problems because it was cheap to do so.
old post but they came up with a second recall that fixed N23. Mine has worked perfectly since then. I agree though they should have replaced the circuit boards.