Top 8 Oil Filters According To This Company

Sep 26, 2010
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I had no clue that this was a computer generated article. I received a message on my phone last night and saw the banner about the top 8 oil filters. So, I was curious and clicked onto it. I posted it here to see how many got a big LOL at their choices. I know I LOL at most of them. LOL
By opening that message and clicking that link, the computer bot will be sending you all kinds of junk. The joke is on you.
So now the truth is told on why I disagree with much Pimtac says. He does no research because he's too scared to click-on user-pertained links. If one is scared of big-brother movements, buy the biggest shovel on earth - dig a big hole and jump-in.
Except he is correct, by clicking on the link more of that type "information" will begin to appear as advertisements.