Tool Vault Elite Toolboxes

I’ve got a 1979 28” wide, and a 1986 38” wide, both stackers, top and bottom, Mac Tools boxes. The thought of replacing them for that much coin gives me heartburn. However, that looks like a nice box.
The Castor specifications gave me pause......Rated at 1050 pounds per caster covers the 4,000 pound rating of the drawer slides, But doesn't take in account the weight of the box itself. And certainly doesn't account for adding a top chest or any accessories.

Snap-on Master Series boxes with ISO-Ride Casters are rated at 1,700 pounds per Castor.

Competing head to head with a company that has the legacy costs & manufactures in the USA on something simple as a tool box should be easy??
Yeah but those boxes IMO mostly it’s home owners with more than average money buying these. Most techs are going to be buying from a tool guy a pro brand. Or a used snap on/matco/ Mac

They are proven to take the abuse of daily use and lots of airplane techs love boxes around hangars a lot as well so casters are important