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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
I'm ready to finally buy a tool cart/ rolling cabinet / toolbox. Tools all over the garage floor really doesn't work. I want ball bearing full extension drawers. I want made in USA or similar. I've pretty much narrowed it down to these but am really looking at Waterloo the most. I don't really care which color.

Waterloo TRX4112BU This one seems to have interchangeable drawers while the 4110 does not? This one has (1) full width drawer (2' breaker bar, 1/2" torque wrench, etc.).
Waterloo TRX4110BU I'm leaning toward this one more due to the (2) full width drawers.
I get a 10% discount at Grainger. I have a local Grainger store as well, so I think that shipping to the store would be free as it always has been for small items. I do like the deep storage area that both of these have. Drawer load rating for both is 75#. I assume these are mfg in IA but I don't know yet. Both of these Waterloo models are pretty much the same price. They have a 7-year warranty.

Craftsman Professional 65566 This has a lifetime warranty. It was $1039.20 a couple days ago so it will probably be on sale again before too long. It doesn't include drawer liners like the Waterloo but those are probably fairly inexpensive. This one from Sears has a powdercoat finish as well. The casters are beefier at 6x2 & overall load rating is 2400# but I don't know drawer load rating yet. I also don't know yet where it is made but I imagine Waterlook mfg them, hopefully in IA.

Snap-On KRA2106A I can get this for $1036.75 (discounted) plus tax & shipping. It is made in Canada. Drawer load rating is 100#.

Mac Tools MB4220B This one is $1100 plus tax & shipping. Mac's website sucks.

Kennedy is too expensive.

Matco is too expensive (same as Snap-On but I can't get a good discount).

Which would you recommend & why?
I LOVE the idea of having a "bottom" unit only and using the top as a work area (set tools on, set removed parts on, etc.). I like the cabinet to be light enough/small enough to actually be able to move it to your work area....engine area, rear brake, etc......very functional with these ideas in mind.

I don't use my auto tool cabinet to store plumbing tools, wood working, etc.. I want the funtionality above to be maintained.

Ideally, I like more full length drawers with less height. You can divide these drawers horizontally yourself, if needed, giving you more flexibility. MANY/MOST tools want to be stored only one layer deep for easy "pickens". You don't need much drawer height to store most wrenches, screwdrivers, etc..

The Craftsmen might be too high for a comfortable work top? Not enough drawers for me.

I love the Snap on simplicity. But, you will lose much storage space due to how high the drawers are. I would love this cabinet if two of those drawers were made into 4 shorter height drawers (my ideal choice).

Out of your selections, I would choose the first Waterloo (more drawers). What do you intend to store in that extra deep drawer?

I like the drawer layout better on this Proto:

I imagine every individual's needs and likes for tool cabinets varies. Good Luck and have fun.
You have got to stop shopping at grainger if price is an issue.
At the TRX4112 box is $200 cheaper*LTIP

Kennedy does make boxes like you are looking for in your price range.*LTIP

After using many boxes over the years I prefer to have more smaller drawers rather than fewer big drawers. Unless you need to store really larger tools more than one drawer over 6" deep is wasted space.

I had assumed that US General was made in China & with it being sold by HF that is pretty much guaranteed.

I get a 10% discount from Grainger so that makes MSC ~ $75 cheaper. Thanks.
I need at least one drawer that is 28" wide. I'll look at Kennedy again as I must have not finished going through their catalog. I'll check MSC with what I find. Thanks.

I've never had a tool cabinet before so I didn't really know what most people had found to be useful. I wanted to draw on other people's experiences to have a good "head start" so maybe I'll like the tool cabinet for longer w/o regretting some choices.
I wonder who & where Proto cabinets are mfg? We have a Blackhawk at work so I'll try & check tomorrow. The one in your link has some pretty heavy duty drawers.

I'll calculate the square inches of each model & use that as a better comparison tool. Thanks.
I'm still not decided if more individual drawers are better or if full width drawers are better.
Originally Posted By: benjamming

I had assumed that US General was made in China & with it being sold by HF that is pretty much guaranteed.

Undoubtedly. But I have looked at it and like it more than my Snap-On Classic series cabinet, and about the same as my Matco chest. I understand the Buy American sentiment though.
That US General looks a lot like the Proto unit linked above.

Total in2:

Matco: 4,637
Snap-On: 4,251
Craftsman Professional: 4,128
Waterloo TRX4112: 3,782
Waterloo TRX4110: 3,632
Mac: Don't know b/c their website sucks

Does the type of paint matter?

The Waterloo & Sears models use MDF as the top. Any preference here?

I don't really think the warranty matters as long as I have 1 year to get any glaring mfg issues. Heck, who knows if any of these companies will be around in 7+ years.
That MDF board is cheap and considered disposable. Seal it with a varnish if you use water base products.... otherwise it will swell up and disintegrate. It gives some "meat" to the cabinet top so you can hammer on it, if desired.

Some cover it with a rubber mat, linoleum, or sheet of galvanized steel for different uses. Maple butcher block would be cool.

If you dare enter another world of OCD fanatics, a search over at the Garage Journal tool forum will yield opinions on everything from the Snap On grade to the Harbor Freight one.

Selection based on company longevity is near impossible now a days. Can you find a replacement drawer slide for any particular brand 10 years from now? Who knows.
The MDF is just an insert that lays on the top of the box and shouldn't be a deal maker/breaker. It's easily replaceable when damaged.

Proto boxes are also very nice, I'd buy one.

Lyon also sells nice chests in your price range.

If you want to look at really stout boxes (and $$$$) take a peek at Vidmar. It is industrial/work center type storage.

I'm curious if the HF tool chest is made with the same thickness steel, good drawer slides, casters, etc.

I don't think you are going to go wrong with any US made box in the price range you are looking at. I'd match the features/layout you need then use price as the tie-breaker if need be.
The Craftsman is poorly built and welded up poorly.The welds fail and break.This includes their toolboxes
I bought the Kennedy 3901MP (blue powder) for ~ $1k including tax from a local industrial supply house. I like the Rhino coated work surface that started out life as MDF. The drawers don't open 100% but approximately 85% & that is fine. It was built on 6-Aug in Ohio, USA.
a while ago Kragens was selling a promotional Mac Tools complete box, upper and lower unit for $900, well in the ad in the paper, it was for $400. so I raced down to kragen's with my ad, found the toolbox, they had only 1, and the guy rings it up and says like $980 and I say, well it's on sale for $400. He kinda laughed. so I showed him the ad. His jaw dropped, he got the assistant manager, who saw the ad, called the store manager who took my ad and called the district manager. All this happened within 15 minutes! So I said, there isn't a problem is there? the SKU numbers match up, the ad is for the entire week, and this is a kragen's isn't it?
the store manager didn't try to argue with me, he did a hefty price override and they even helped load it into my truck!
So I asked, does the other store downtown have this in stock too? they checked inventory, and YES. I didn't buy a second one though, it was tempting!!
Only drawback to this box is it has a picture of a drag car with CSK written on it. Small price to pay, for a very nice quality box! I have it stuffed to the gills, I can't afford a sidebox to attach to it, so someday I'll be able to afford a sidebox!
I wonder how much kragen had to eat that advertised mistake!?
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