Thicker oils are coming back to USA

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Apr 27, 2012
Originally Posted by Audios
There is no way this is going to change much if anything. They are making their vehicles to be sold in every country, every state, theres no way they wont make one that passes CA or similar emissions, considering they buy almost 15 million cars a year. Think of the time and money they spend engineering these cars and emissions controls, implemented them on a production line, built tooling etc. Think of the time it wil take for a cat manufacturer to make cheaper cats, and then ship 5k to a production line and then have them built, in the middle of all of this. They said this will save $1k per car on average, but if anything it only helps the manufacturers, they most likely will not pass the savings on to us. Now I would be all for less stringent on diesels, the DEF is a huge problem on almost any car that its installed on. If we still with DPFs and not balst with the Ad Blue, theyll still stay pretty clean. I still have no soot on my GLs tailpipes at 103k.
I'm surprised no one called you out yet. California has about 2 million, actually slightly less sales of new cars a year. That 15 million new cars is probably more accurate for the entire country. People on here just aren't good with numbers. And yes, I don't agree with the premise of this thread. When auto makers are pulling every trick in the book like making rotors thinner so they can't really be turned and reprogramming the alternator to charge less so it uses less gas, it's doubtful that they would unwind it. What might be good news is that maybe the V6 engines will come back. Lots of turbo 4s out there due to fuel economy but turbo 4s while making more power than old ones didn't make as much as the old V6 engines. There's still no replacement for displacement. Anyway, I'm still perfectly happy with 0w40. I used to run 5w20 in an older car that was originally designed for 5w30 and I got over 200k out of it. Not the real nightmare that people claim.
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