The Worst Automotive Fads To Hit The Streets

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How many?


Actually many of them were popular at some point in time. That shrunken Corvette is pretty nice actually. Wonder if it's much faster with the lower weight.
I actually liked the "smart tank", as a purely show car oddity. Worst was the maroon Dodge Ram with the lift and the small old looking little white wheels, possibly from a Jon Boat trailer. Some of them, in my opinion, may be symptoms of an underlying personality disorder of the owner.
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I was expecting to see vinyl tops.

Agreed!! Those should've been in the list. And Ford is guilty of the fake engine exhaust note feature, in certain upper level trim packages of the F-150 with ecoboost V6, both the 2.7 and 3.5
LOL, many "great" trends! I know I have been guilty of a couple.. but one thing that keeps the automotive industry interesting is the ability for people to personalize their vehicles. With everyone having different tastes, you get a wide variety out there. Many trends I dont love, but am glad they are there. May sound weird, but if we dont continue to push ourselves and try new things, we wont grow.. maybe getting a little off subject.... Anyway, I feel many people take fads or things too far or incorrectly, end of the day if a car looks, sounds, and functions well, its a sweet vehicle. The bad thing is so many of them are done without a clear vision and just slap stuff on..
Thing is, even people who are guilty won't actually admit they're guilty. Conversations go like this:

"You drive a bro-dozer."
"No, I don't. Bro-dozers are obnoxious. Mine is just a lifted Ram with custom wheels. Totally not obnoxious."

"You have a [censored] can."
"No, I don't. That's an HKS Titanium Carbon Hi-Power exhaust! It cost $3,000! [censored] cans are from eBay."

"You drive a blacked out F150."
"No, I don't. Ford built it with black paint and wheels. I'm not guilty of anything!"

"Your BMW makes fake engine noises."
"Not a fad if it came from the factory that way."

Of course, I'm guilty too: I own a red Corvette. Apparently red sports cars are one of the worst fads to hit the streets
None of those where on my evo. Just a small 3x3 sticker on my front fender and an 3" AMS exhaust from the stock 2.5" exhaust (no catalytic converters, so the car was loud.) Even my roommate's evo looked more like a generic sedan than mine. I don't like gaudy over-the-top things that call attention to my cars.
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Used to like high performance decals like the Hooker Headers decal.

OMG now I remember putting a few on my mothers 68 Cutlass.
Almost all of that stuff falls under the umbrella of "poor people behavior." Putting 4K worth of wheels and tires on a 3K Honda Civic instead of buying a 7K car is one example. Living in a mobile home while owning a (financed) 50K truck and (financed) 30K bass boat is one I used to see all the time in eastern KY. It's spending every penny you have the minute you get it on silly stuff instead of saving for a while and getting something actually worthwhile.
A lot of those are shots at the urban crowd. Not much wrong with a lot of those things.

Guilty of two, sorta. Had a four subwoofer set up in a car and had a bra on another. Knew many people with Ground Glow.

I'm surprised spinners didn't make the list. Certainly a fad, and a bad one. Saw way more of those than "tank" cars.

But an interesting read.
I've done none of those but don't see why anyone should be so self conscious that it bothers them what someone else does to their ride, except when its dangerous.
Another I would add, although, it's been a long time since I last saw them, is the very wide version of white-wall tires.
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