Thanksgiving leftovers

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
You guys have any special recipes or traditions for Thanksgiving leftovers? I saw a recipe on Food network for a pilgrim turkey sandwich a few years ago, basically putting cranberry on the bread and using turkey, stuffing, and mash potatoes in the sandwich and covering it with gravy. Pretty darn tasty.
I always make turkey soup with the leftover carcass. Just simmer the bones for about 3 hours. Then pick the meat off the bones and then discard the bones. Add half a pack of frozen mixed vegetables, some noodles or rice, season to taste, and then let simmer for another half hour. Hot soup is on! My wife tells me that she actually looks forward to the soup more than the turkey sandwiches.
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For breakfast Friday morning it's leftover dressing with soft boiled eggs on top. My family tradition since I was a kid.
That is a great idea! I eat a lot of soft boiled eggs on toast.
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