Tesla Model S

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Jul 2, 2007
Seems the 85 kWh performance model is quite a hot rod. But my what a price tag. I still think it is infinitely cool, though. 0-60mph 4.2 1/4 mile 12.6 top speed 130 mph (kind of weak here) Peak hp 416 Peak tq 443 lb-ft Range 265 Miles Battery warranty 8 yrs/unlimited mi As with all electrics, the battery replacement is going to hit someone in the arse at some point past warranty. And the battery is apparently 1/5 the cost of the car.
Instant torque is nice. I got a ride in a Shelby cobra ev recently, it was fun. Folks who buy tesla a don't worry about battery replacement. And the cooler the battery is kept, and the gentler the car is run, the longer the battery will last.
Will you leave BITOG if you don't have to change oil?? With an 8-year battery warranty...you're good for a while, and the chances are you can eek a few more years out of it with reduced range.
They are very awesome cars, a 400 mile range version is coming out in a few years. I'd buy one over a 7 series, maybe not an S or A8 though. As far as reliability an 8 year old 100k mile S8 can't be much cheaper to keep going. In theory electric cars are fairly simple.
I can easily put 100k per year in towncar service, but they may refuse to cover commercial application though.
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