Tesla might have driven itself into a building

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I wouldn't call Elon Musk's history as necessarily corrupt, but he does have a well-documented history of engaging in any brand of thuggery in order to hide the quality issues of his vehicles.

The suspicious part of Tesla's data is the pedal request of 100%. Really? The man hit the accelerator instead of the brake to the tune of complete 100%?

Certainly not an open-and-shut case against Tesla, but we do know that Elon will do just about anything to throw sand over a quality issue. Especially one that could lead to a massive recall of his latest model.
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Do you have any supporting document or data or anything that points to corruption of Tesla and/or Musk ?

When you are accusing some entity or person corruption you should have some concrete data to support your claim.

If you are seriously interested, you can find the answers. Given the attitude of your post, you will dismiss anything I give you immediately.
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