Techron additive question

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Feb 12, 2004
If I buy a bottle of Techron fuel system cleaner, and put it in 12 gallons of gas as instructed, I get a concentration of about one part to one hundred (maybe off a little, but not much). If I just buy Chevron gas, any idea what the concentration of techron is in there?

No idea, but it would be a very dilute maintenance dose.

I try to do the techron concentrate every 10k or so. I found out recently that the BMW concentrate is the same as techron (which you can't get in canada). That's a little tip for canadians that are trying to source it.
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I use Techron Plus at every oil change. The Plus is better.

I have heard if you use a top tier (see gas, you never have to use an cleaner.

That is why I use Shell V-power premium, no ethanol in it either.
In CT, we have no choice but to get 10% ethanol. Shell V-power and every other gas has it.
If they recommend 12 oz every 3000 miles if you don't use Chevron gas, I would guess their gas has about 12 oz Techron in 3000 miles worth of gas. If your car gets say 30 mpg, you'd burn 100 gallons of gas. That's about 0.1% Techron, about ten times lower than a tankful with a bottle in it, which seems reasonable.
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