Synthetic oil differences


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I saw somewhere that you were an Amsoil dealer yet you don't use their oil ?
Correct. I use their oil filters, some of their grease, their metal protectant, as well as their gear lube. I have been using their 0W-30 SS in our Honda 9.9 outboard.

I have a long history of using Mobil 1 engine oil, and, historically, I've always ended up going back to that. I don't avoid other brands, I've used Castrol, Pennzoil, AMSOIL, Redline, Petro-Canada, Motul, Ravenol...etc. But typically have ended up back on Mobil 1. That's all I ran in my Mustang and M5, and all I ran in my Charger SRT8. Was more willing to experiment with the Expedition.

AMSOIL has a fantastic online catalogue of pretty much anything you could ever want, which makes getting stuff that I can't regularly get on sale at Canadian Tire (like M1 EP, M1 0W-40...etc) convenient and a consistent source of quality. They are also a fantastic source for high quality UOA kits that properly measure fuel dilution.
May 16, 2021
Was it sludged up? Before and after pics would be sweet.
I have no idea how to post pics but, I'm not good with pics, computers, etc..., it had a lot of the varnish look in there and the more I use Amsoil, the more it disappears. That's all I can tell ya.