Switching back to 5W30

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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
97 F150,4.2V6,90K miles
I bought the truck used from a Ford dealership with 64k miles.At 67k miles I started using 10W30.Its only had two oil changes with 5W30 since then.(Ford oil changes)I was wondering if I should switch back to 5W30?I was told being I live in Florida 10W30 would be ok.Is 5W30 recommended for this motor due to tight tolerances or is it a CAFE myth to save gas?
CAFE issue. It DOES save gas, but not by any amount that would be individually relevant. Ford (ALL manufacturers for that matter) are under the gun from the Fed'ral Gub'ment to reduce fuel consumption ACROSS the board for the number of vehicles estimated to be sold during the model year. (Hence, the wording, "Corporate Average" preceding "fuel economy".

If you've been satisfied with the performance of 10W-30, continue with it. Less shear and it starts life with a heavier viscosity base stock than 5W-30.

(Tight clearances in a Ford? Get real.)

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The one reason I would go with 5w-30 is that those OHC engines need oil in the heads as quick as you can get it there. If you run synthetic 10w-30, stay with that, if petrol then consider the 5w-30. Or better yet a synthetic 5w-40 HD deisel engine oil.

Don't worry much about clearances in the modular motors. Ford has back dated the 5w-20 recommendation to the older 4.6s that came from the factory with 10w-30. This is for CAFE reasons and in my opinion only, for spare parts business.
Really not looking to start an argument, but for the normal ambient temperatures in Florida there is no difference in viscosity between 5W/10W syn and non syn.

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Beside's BlueOval's 4.2L V-6 is a pushrod engine. Not an OHC engine. It's an older design that I'm sure is "looser" than the newer modular engines. So 10W-30 in FL would seem to be ideal.

I think it depends on temp, driving conditions

I would say stay with the 10w30 in your area, esp if your towing or long trip driving.

5w30 would be ok for short trip driving

5w20 in your area? No

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