Super gross trans fluid - 2004 Jeep WJ 4.0l 42RE

Jul 13, 2003
Tracy, CA
I changed the ATF on a mid-60's Rumbler Cross Country station wagon. That fluid had the most vile smell. Solvent wouldn't get the smell off me. I could smell it for days afterwards.
Aug 3, 2017

TSB 21-014-07

Mopar ATF+4® has exceptional durability. However, the red dye used in ATF+4® is not
permanent; as the fluid ages it may become darker or appear brown in color. ATF+4® also
has a unique odor that may change with age. With ATF+4® fluid, color and odor are no
longer indicators of fluid condition and do not necessarily support a fluid change"

Ford and Toyota both advise the same thing: Toyota fluid turns a dark brown/purple color much the same as the newer Mercon and Mercon LV.
Aug 20, 2003
Im thinking this fluid was in there for the 140k miles.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0l 42RE trans, purchased by me in March of this year, had to add some juice and put in a bit much.
Pulled some out and holy crap was it dark, so I dropped the pan and installed a new Dorman pan with a drain plug, new filter and 6 quarts of Valvoline ATF+4.

It didnt look bad on the stick but thats just a fraction of the juice in the trans, and it shifts like new yet so fingers crossed it holds up.....

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Forgot to put the magnet back in the new pan and remembered I had some neo"did"lyum magnets laying around from a different project so I put the around the drain plug, where the old magnet should have been...
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I would not put those on the outside.....
At all.
Mar 19, 2022
My 62TE in my 2500 Promaster looked worse than that when I bought it with 31k on it. It was an Amazon fleet delivery vehicle. Was a year old when I bought it. I drilled the pan and put a plug in it. I changed the filter and dropped the fluid 2x that day. I now just drain and refill annually with FLAPS house brand ATF+4. About 4.5 qts come out.