Subaru Legacy 2010. EE20 2.0 Diesel C5 Engine Oil

Apr 30, 2021
Hello all on the BITOG forum.

Are newly registered on the site. But been a follower for some years.

Love too get your opinions on some oils i am considering for my Subaru legacy 2010, 2.0 D car. Manual approves 5W30 C2 or C3 spec oil for the diesel engine.
The car is running right now and more then the last year Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3. 0W30 oil. Think it's good in the summer but not been happy with it over the winter now.

Can add that i live in Sweden and have a winter around -14 °C and a Summer around 20 °C. Most of the year it will be around 5-10 °C.

I will keep the oil as i still have more then i need for 3 more changes. But will keep it for these summer drives only as i feel it's too thick. Maybe it's also the Mann oil filter that has a 2 bar bypass valve as Mahle and original has a bypass valve of 1.6?

So ask now that if i should change i want a lighter engine oil then the one I have. Want even a 0W20 oil.
Have had a look on specs over the last 3 weeks and think I have found what might be good choices.

• Shell Helix Ultra Professional AS-L 0W-20.
Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE.

• Midland EcoNova 0W20 Long Life.

• Ravenol EFS EcoFullSynth 0W20.

All oils looks good. Only thing I am worried about is that Shell AS-L will be too light when operating temperature is high enough. The Viscosity is at 100°C 8.18 mm2/s. HTHS they don't state but it should be above 2.6 right?

Ravenol EFS is looking really good with it's approvals. But the same worries are around it with being light in Viscosity.

Midland EcoNova is the safe choice. Almost a 0W30 oil in it Viscosity and HTHS.

Please help me with the choice. Will get oil from Germany as the delivery is not expensive and always cheap compared as buying oil in Sweden.

Any questions on Sweden and it's oils just ask.
Will put in some documents with the specs for all oils and filters.


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Better with PDF then pics :)


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Also adding that most people in Sweden commute for about 15 minutes to work. The same for me right now. Went from driving 1 hour to work and now only 7 minutes :/ so the car don't see any temp increase almost at all except if i go on trips back home for 6 hours drive. Pushing it so the cat get some burn/cleaning on the highway at 100mph.
Out of curiosity, why do you think the oil is too thick?
This engine doesn't really have a stellar reputation, but I don't know if the so called issues can be oil related.

also, welcome to BITOG!
Tnx Popsy.

It's not any big issues only the feeling that it's not doing optimally in our climate most of the year.
Was having standard 5W30 oil first change got OP XK1 5W30 with a 100° C Viscosity of around 10.8 mm2/s. Was not the oil i ordered but it ran good around the summer. Better then the oil i running now and last summer.
Most of my intention is just for the winter running of the engine to be smooth and warm up fast on my short runs too the store and work. And for the engine to not take damage if i drive longer distance. I usually put in the cruise control and stay with in the speed limit on 6 gear on low rpm when doing trips.

My thoughts is also that the diesel engine should already be running cooler then a gas engine and i also see that in winter, autumn, spring, even after pushing the engine alot. The coolant i the reservoir (expansion tank) never is as full as in summer. So must be not getting close to full operating temperature.

Not running any OBD just my own brain thinking that i could and will benefit from running a lighter Viscosity oil as long as it safe with HTHS.

But i am new too all this and only curious.
Might give it a try and decided it's not a good choice.
I would be cautious going under a HTHS viscosity of 2,9 (ACEA C2 limit)...and if it were me would just use a C3 oil...but it isn't a very widespread engine and I'm certainly not the best to comment on that.

Going lower in viscosity...some do (Dr Haas is famous for putting 0W20 in his Ferrari or something like that).

I'm in Canada and temperatures can go down to -30° or worse during the winter, granted my car isn't a Subaru and isn't a diesel so apples to oranges, but the 0W40 oil I'm using is perfectly fine for my short least noise wise, for what it's worth (not much). And cold start are perfectly fine too.

I'm also not sure 0W20 vs 0W30 would make a big difference. If you were to only do short commutes, why not, but I'm not too sure how that engine would do during the long highway runs.
Great reply Popsy. Good that you are in the same kind of climate.

Think i will give the Midland oil a go as it's just under the 0W30 oil standard with a HTHS of 2.8.
Its also the one that provides the Subaru OEM oils in Sweden.
I think that the Volvo approval is good as it's made in Sweden (now china) but engineering still Sweden.
That's why oil specs maybe are focused on really cold weather were most of the country can get -40 °C in winter on bad days.

Been happy with the Subaru so far. Think also the diesel engine heater that stopped working was really needed. Will check the wiring this summer as it's probably a bad ground. Other then that it's been good. Know the 2009 years model really had some problems with the engine. Lucky it's a late 2010 years model.

Have also a Honda accord EX 1.6L from 84 and it started right up in -35 °C after i put my Trangia stove under the oil tank for 15 minutes. The gear stick nearly not moving.

Tank you again for great reply.