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I'm also wondering why the 60/40 isn't 50/50. That means that that clutch is always slipping, and under high load, it's dissipating tens of horsepower. A 1500w electric heater is less than 1 HP. Just some things to think about. And as I stated before, out of the SIX AWD vehicles I owned (none less than 5 years, 75,000 miles) the subies seemed most stable in deep heavy slushy snow. But they were not enthusiast vehicles.
My Jeep is 40/60 in "normal" driving, goes to 50/50 if you put it in "snow" mode. Not the same setup of course, but more power to the rear wheels in this case is due to traction/weight transfer.
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1st do not trust anything from CR. Subaru has bought the right to use their numbers. Subaru uses CR in the sales dept as a plus to help sell cars. 2nd Good part, My 14 Crosstrek with 112k miles on it has not any problems other than the battery and that lasted almost 5 years which is very unusual. It was a Panasonic. 3rd Do not buy any 2013 Subaru's, Almost all of them that year have bad oil rings. Lots of lawsuits. Subaru upped the warranty to 100k CVT's can have problems just anything else. Do not tow with Subaru's, Cvt's die easily that way. More lawsuits. The manual is tougher.