Strangers show up for vet's funeral.

Jul 26, 2004
New Bri-un, CT
A CT veteran of the Korean War who died earlier this year had a military funeral in NE CT (aka "the quiet corner") near his home town this morning. He had no local relatives; the word got out the previous day and about 50 people showed up to attend, most people were not veterans. The funeral director, himself a Vietnam Vet, indicated he could not have imagined the turnout. I believe this is one of the most emotional things I've been to in a great while and encourages me to believe when Americans are put in a crucible, this is what is left. -Thomas.
RIP Mr. Lussier

When we held service for my cousin who died fighting in Syria we had about the same amount of people (mostly vets) come with flags and stood outside the entire time. It was very nice, glad to hear it happens elsewhere too.
I am Canadian but my aunt married a USAF member back in 1960. They eventually settled in Sacramento. When I was a kid, we would go visit at least once or twice a year for years and years. My uncle spent twenty years in the Air Force and passed away in 2015. To fly down there and go to a military funeral was something I will never forget.