Southern foods you like

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Mar 12, 2015
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I'll admit; i love some real collard greens with either bacon or some smoked ham hock meat and pepper as a side. Grits I love. Mom and stepdad makes a hot pickled okra with slices of jalapenos and hot bana pepper slices. Everyone loves cornbread too I think wink What southern foods do you folks like. YES, its OK if you like real southern made sweet tea also wink
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Yes, i often make black eye peas, spinach and some fire roasted tomatoes and some wild brown rice. Delicious!
Smoked turkey and chicken. Cube steak and gravy. Grits. Brains an eggs( although i hardly eat that anymore). Country cured ham. Green beans, lima beans, pinto beans. Yes cornbread too, not sweet like cake. Real brewed ice tea without anything fruity added.
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Originally Posted by JHZR2
Most all. Fried oysters I'll leave...
for 4WD right after a dozen in the half shell …
Pimento and Cheese sandwiches. Had them in Kentucky and fell in love with it. Sooooo good but sooooo bad for you. Quality Biscuits and Gravy Fried Chicken done properly.
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Where do I start? I live down South and get southern cooking all the time. Fried catfish is a favorite, served with coleslaw, cheese grits, hush puppies, bread & butter pickles and sliced onions.
I remember helping my mom and dad pick wild growing creasy greens during the recession. It's hard to remember how my mom made them, but I think she just blanched them with hot bacon grease. Dang they were so good. I can't go too long without making a pot of butter beans with salt pork/streaked meat or sliced ham hock. I love grits with salt and butter the best, but I do like some redeye gravy on them too for a change. Got to have some fried livermush every now and then. I liked it fried extra crispy.
Fried Chicken Gizzards and Picked/Fried Green Tomatoes Collard and Turnip greens are good too thumbsup
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Quality Biscuits and Gravy Fried Chicken done properly.
Mmmmmmm good!
We make gumbo (well our version...well my wife's version) every fortnight or so...when I get time I go through the whole process "properly" Should do more cornbread with a celiac family.
I have seen people clean chitluns on TV shows, and I don't want any. Intestines is not my thing.
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