Siphon gas out of gas tank and into gas canister

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Dec 16, 2006
East Coast
There are a few cars I would like to siphon gas out of the gas tanks and into a fuel canister for storage. I would also like to have the same tool pump the fuel into another vehicle. Both the siphon tool and pump for pumping the siphoned fuel into another vehicle can be two different tools. I don't want to spend a lot of money but want quality pieces that will last a while.
Get a harbor freight fuel pressure tester kit; it will come with vavles that connect to your fuel rail. Even if you don't use the gauge, the fittings will be cheaper than you can get them elsewhere. Cut its hose and connect it to some bulk fuel line of a length that pleases you with a barb fitting. You can use a jumper wire to bypass your fuel pump relay, and pump the tank dry with its own pump. You can't usually get it out the filler neck, due to a rollover check valve that's in there. This is also a great thing to have on hand if one lives in hurricane alley; they can tap their cars for generator fuel.
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