Shop did work without written estimate?

Jun 8, 2017
I'm not necessarily bent or angry over this issue; it's more of a curiosity/slightly annoyed thing.

This is what happened:

1) State: FL, so only the laws in FL apply

2) Dropped car off during business hours for certain issues

3) Shop finds bad wheel bearings, among other issues

4) Shop calls me about the bearings, I just tell them sure, use dealer/OEM parts and just R&R the wheel bearings. No prices are discussed over the phone. The shop tells me they will touch base with me later in the day on the repairs.

5) I call the shop after a day or so to check on the status, as the shop has not contacted me at all, not via email, text, phone call, voicemail, or pigeon.

6) I am told that the shop has completed the wheel bearing R&R and they are just going to go on a test drive tomorrow morning as a final inspection.

7) I am slightly surprised, as I did not receive a written or verbal estimate. As a matter of fact, I have no idea what I even owe the shop for the R&R. I ask the shop to let me know how much I'll owe them tomorrow, and hang up the phone.

8) I am sent an estimate via text message that has been "approved" and I, for the first time, see how much the R&R costs.

I'm curious--is it possible to verbally waive your right to an estimate for repair work in FL?

What would you do in my situation?

I suppose I could beat the shop over the head with this issue--the not providing a (written or verbal) estimate before repair work. From my reading and my understanding of Florida law, you have to sign away your right to a written estimate. I didn't sign a single thing.

I did provide verbal "consent" to the R&R but I was also waiting for a written estimate, but never received the written estimate and they completed the work anyway.

I do intend on paying for the work, and I don't intend on raising any issues with the shop as long as the bearings were actually replaced. Which I expect they were. They might have been sloppy in not providing an estimate before work, but I doubt they would claim that things were replaced when they weren't.

I am also strongly considering going to another shop from now on...this just seems sloppy to me.
You should have asked for a price when you told them to go ahead.
not doing so left a grey area.

but really is the price too high? ok?
If the price isnt massively high I wouldnt bother wasting my or their time on it.
So he told them to fix it and got the bill and thought it was too much and came on here to post his frustration. But he authorized the repairs.

This one even isn't a legitimate gripe thread.....

Where do you see that I'm unhappy with the bill in my post?

Did you miss the part where I said I fully intend to pay, and I don't intend on raising any issues as long as the parts were actually replaced?

I even started my post stating that I'm not angry, merely curious.

The price isn't the issue. It's the communication. I would have just liked to know if the bill would be $200, 500, 900, 1700, 4000, etc. It also seems to run contrary to law.

Regardless, I'm ready to pay tomorrow, no problem, unless I get in the car and the wheel bearing issue persists.
OP approved the work, and gave the scope.

"Shop calls me about the bearings, I just tell them sure, use dealer/OEM parts and just R&R the wheel bearings."
HE assUmeD he would get an estimate
you know what that leads to

Then again if the shop drops a bogus $1000 labor charge for 2 hours of work it would be the last time I went there.. and I might haggle.. because that is absurd.
otherwise if its anything near normal chalk it up to learning experience.

Where do you see that I'm unhappy with the bill in my post?
well you started this thread.. so he probably assumed you were unhappy.
Probably not kosher, but I will say that a lot of independent shops operate this way....especially with "regular customers."

Yeah that's what I figured. I guess I am a "regular" at this place. Either way I'll be happy as long as the parts were replaced and not replaced in name only.

As far as the other people saying that I assumed something: the shop did tell me they would touch base with me later in the day on the first phone call. I was sitting around expecting a call.

Because I never received the "touch base" follow up call, I called today, to find that they already completed the work. Which is fine.
Sounds like you told them to go ahead and do it.

Some people don't care about costs, just want it fixed for whatever.

My grandpa used to own a car dealership and my dad worked there, and they would have people that were like "replace whatever it needs".

So maybe they thought you were like that, and the quote didn't matter to me.

Just my 0.02
Working in a similar industry unless someone specifically asks for a written estimate, we won't do one. I would guess that slightly under half of jobs we do get estimated before proceeding.
I get it. I would have asked upfront how much before I said sure and they should have told you to avoid any drama. I would have told you upfront if I was the shop.