Shocks for a 1992 XJ?

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Mar 1, 2010
Ladies and gentlemen,

I will order tomorrow all sorts of suspension and steering parts for tired suspension of my '92. I have pretty much all other things sorted out but the shocks leave me scratching my head.

Car will be pretty much just a "poser" with a fresh Up Country copy springs Moog CC782 and Crown 4886186AB. Tires will be 235/75R15, perhaps Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA or similar. I would like it to have good road manners - suspension does not need to be soft, though.

My short list is as follows:

Gabriel Max Control 77424
Gabriel Max Control 77425


KYB Excel-G 344088
KYB Excel-G 344089


KYB Monomax 565053
KYB Monomax 565054


Bilstein 4600 24-010450
Bilstein 4600 24-010467

These are what I can get easily.

KYB Excel-Gs are pretty much stock replacement shock whereas Monomax is Heavy Duty - this according to KYB.

Set of Bilsteins is over twice what Gabriels and KYBs cost.

Are Bilsteins worth the extra cost?

Would I even notice the possible difference in the ride between these shocks?

Which would you recommend?
Yes, I don't believe that my occasional brief drive on bumpy gravel road qualifies as terrain use.
KYB's performance has made them my "go to" brand for any suspension part any more. Never had a complaint with them.
Excel-G's tend to be pretty firm, but since this is a solid axle front and rear vehicle anyway, I doubt it will really hurt what "ride quality" you have anyway.

I have Excel G's on my truck's rear axle, Motorcrafts up front. The Excel G's are still very firm after over 25K miles, but the truck handles nicely. It has a very controlled feeling even on rough roads. I am happy with them and would buy them again.

About a week ago I was doing about 75 MPH on the interstate when the Infiniti G3something in front of me suddenly started shaking and shifting side to side violently, then the next thing I know a box or something shoots out from under the Infiniti right at the front of my truck. The road was open, and my gut instict was to avoid the object, so I turned the steering wheel hard to get in the next lane and avoid the box or whatever it was. The truck was surprisingly composed through all of this and held the road nicely. Excel G's + Motorcrafts + Yokohamas was a win.
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