Shelll Base oil - quality question

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Feb 9, 2004
G'day all!

Just wondering as a general view, what are thoughts on Shells Base oil, compared to Mobil / Exxon or BP.

I personally never really like shell motor oils eg: Helix, but I know there supplying base oils to several other companies.

Thanks guy's.

It's been almost ten years since Consumer Reports tested motor oils, but I do remember they tagged Shell as having different properties in various parts of the U.S., so I'm not sure whether a universal call on quality in the U.S. if not internationally is possible.

Certainly the judgement here is that Havoline is a better oil since production has moved from Equilon to Chevron. My feeling on Shell is that they picked up the QS/PZ brands because their oil was mediocre, at least in the marketplace.

On the otherhand, I use Wal-Mart's house brand so what do I know? My feeling is given regular intervals most oil is pretty much alike.

Originally posted by TOMBUCK:
I myself use synthetic oils in my vehicle. Don't You?????????????????????

Well you could post that in just about any topic then couldn't you.

No I don't, as I have said and argued before, I work with mostly older era V8 engines, and in these engines Mineral and Semi Syns work better. (When changed more often yes!)

So while the Shell Helix Range of Oils are very big here, and I don't really like them so much, but there supplying base oils to other companies I do use products from. So my question was are there any thoughts on just the quality of there base oils in comparison to the others around.
TOMBUCK is pushing Amsoil on every post he makes. He is probibly a dealer so just ingnor him.
I reckon the Helix dino is not really that bad despite of the price. At least it have got a TBN of 8 instead of the 6.3 in Castrol GTX2 and 5 in BP Visco 2000.
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