Saturn Vue 2003 3.0 V-6

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Dec 17, 2003
Amelia, ohio
Hello, this is my 1st post on here. Have visited site for about a year but haven't really had questions or advice (lack of Knowledge) to give. Thats just a couple of excuses to why I haven't posted until now. My question is, my girlfriend purchased a Vue a while ago. When I were to change her SUV's oil the cost to get the filter was outrageous. 9$ for a regular filter. I could understand buying mobil 1 or redline, or even K&N, and pay that much but wow. So I decided to change the Vue from Valvoline 5W-30 All Climate to Mobile 1 Super Syn. 5W-30 and do 9,000 mile changes. She has run about 6,000 already and the Vue hasn't used a drop of oil yet. I decided to look down into the oil spout in the valve cover and when I removed the cap I saw some white greasy looking substance around the cap and threads of the spout. The exhaust cam looked really clean with no problems. The oil smells great, no gas dilution detected by the smeller. Curious to know what that might have been. I plan on doing an analysis at 9,000 to see how the oil performed. Would like to switch her over to GC but not sure if it can go 9,000 or not. I haven't seen to many posts showing 9,000 mile + intervals using this oil. If you can show me otherwise, I will switch it over. Local autoparts always has about 12+ quarts of GC. Thanks for any help.
First off, [Welcome!] The white greasy crap is residue from moisture. It happens on many cars. There was a guy here (I believe) has a Camry 4cyl with only 3K, and saw the same thing. Just wipe it off, no harm done. I have seen the same thing on all my S-series Saturns... GC or M1 are fine choices for this engine, looking forward to your UOA! I haven't heard of any engine failures from this 3.0 V6 that Saturn used. Wasn't this the Saab-derived engine? Is it used in any Saab's currently? Is the Wix filter at the $9 price point? Does Walmart have the SuperTech equivalent for this application? [Cheers!]
ST doesn't make a filter for this vehicle yet. Its not your standard filter. Its just the element. I have not checked to see if wix makes one for this vehicle yet. The engine is a SAAB derived engine, I think there are some SAAB's running around with a very similar V-6, or at least it is a 3.0 V-6. Just a question, do you work for saturn? Just thought I would ask since you are from springhills TN. Thanks for the welcome.
Purolator makes one, the 15309. Meijer has a decent selection of Purolators, have you checked there? Dave
Yeah I have checked for purolator, but meijer never has that filter. Go figure. I haven't quit looking yet. The only filter I can find on a shelve, is a champion at autozone.
I have been buying Purolator L 15436 at Pep Boys for $5. This is the element with the 1 3/8 hole in the top for the Ecotec 4, equivilent to: ACDelco PF2244G Hastings LF548 Purflux L264A Purolator L 15436 Pep Boys Baldwin P1445 STP S9018R Auto Zone Fram PH9018 WIX 51365, 57082 MANN HU 69/2 Even my stealer only wanted $8 I am outraged at paying so much for so little.
Regarding the origin of the VUE's engine: It's either Open-derived (GM) or Honda, dependong in the year. 2004+ get the Honda. There are *many* sources for this information, but the one I used is: The VUE will be the only Saturn – and only GM vehicle – to use the Honda V6. Honda will also supply 5-speed automatic transmissions to Saturn. The Honda V6 will replace the 3.0L DOHC Opel-derived V6 engine currently used in the VUE. The GM 2.2L DOHC I-4 will continue to power base VUEs.
My suggestion is get one while you can! It's a great vehicle for $23K. $25 with many of the options. Fast, quiet, decent gas mileage. I'm glad I waited and bought the 04 Vue rather than looking at the Highlander, Sienna, Escape, Rav4,etc... [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Patriot]
anyone know any bad points to the 3.0 opel derived V-6? It doesn't seem to have great power but its ample for the job. I know the gas mileage is only 25 mpg and it doesn't have a LEV rating. Other than that are there any known bad points about it? Thanks
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