SAE 10-30 type se oil for my yamaha 2800I GEn ???

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Mar 12, 2013
Appreciate any feed back on changing from recomended oil from yamaha ??
Yamaha recomends 10-30 Type SE oil for my 2800 I Generator , can I ignore the specifacation and use something else ? Im having trouble finding SE oil , Im told it is obsolete ?
Thanks, **** R " the traveling man "
SE is obsolete now, but it tells you that its not all that picky for which oil you use(also all new specs are supposed to be backwards compatible).
I run rotella T 5W40 in my generator(I run it in all my engines except the cars). I might have all of 200hrs on it, but it doesn't seem to burn any oil and I don't worry about starting it at -20C, or running hard in +30C.
Overall, it probably doesn't matter too much which oil you use, just something half decent, and changed at a reasonable interval.
If you want a top shelf oil you can get Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W30 in API SL flavor or any synthetic 10w30 motor oil in API SL, SM, SN will be better than oem requirements. I would not search for an obsolete api spec oil.

The Rotella 10w30 is also an excellent budget oil.
I run HDEO in ALL my small engines, mostly T5.
In your case I would run Rotella T5 10-30 or the T6 in 5-40. I would go syn or most likely syn blend to help with likelihood of fuel dilution problems.
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