Rotating Michelin

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May 12, 2003
Was wondering: can I rotate my Michelin MX4 so that they will be reversing wheel spin? The reason why I'm wondering is because I was washing my 06 Accord this weekend and noticed that both front and back passenger side tires are wearing just a slight more than the opposite side. Doing it this way might "balance" things out. I don't believe these tires have directional arrows on them.
If they're not directional, then you can. Look for an arrow on the sidewall showing a rotation direction. If there is no such arrow, you can mount them any way you want.

I don't think the MXV is directional, but there are numerous MXV versions out there...
If their the OEM MXM4 or MXV4 They arent directional. check for the arrow on the side of the tire just to make sure.

Assuming their the stock tire, the best would be to rotate them, RF to LR, LF to RR, and vice versa.

If they are wearing on one side more than the other, I'd rotate them. If they are only wearing on the fronts, Id suggest an alignment and rotation.
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pay a shop to "flip" them on the rims, then swap L-R. Puts the outside on the inside, same rotational direction. That works too.

Thanks. Yeah, they are original tires. Got 40K on them and are barely showing any wear. Best tires around if you ask me. One thing I do notice, I make a lot of high speed turns like off ramps and curves that are to the right. I had thought to see a little bit more wear coming from the drivers side tires rather than the passenger side.
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