Restore Fuel System Restorer

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Apr 28, 2011
Arlington, Va
anyone ever use this? it has the PEA chemicals that should clean any carbon and gunk...i read rave reviews.....i typically use Berryman B12 but saw this for half price at Advanced Auto so i bought a couple. thoughts?
if by half price you mean like 2-3 bucks, i would snatch up a few for some runs on my test mule...except i don't have an advanced auto parts nearby.

is there an msds or technical sheet for it, i'm not finding one on a quick search? be nice to see what it is made of....
typically its $7/bottle...currently is $3.49 online only. the sale price is not applicable to walk-in have to buy it online and pick it up at store.....
me personally at 3 bucks and a half, i would buy a couple and run it through myself and see what it does...that's just me-no science or evidence behind that.

you'll get a mix of answers from yay to nay.

it is supposed to have PEA, just don't know how much or what else is in it.
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