Rental Review Sante Fe

Jun 4, 2005
Cow Hampshire
I rented a FWD Sante Fe in Puerto Rico for a week with 45k miles.

I found the base model to be:

* comfortable for 4 + 1 small 9 year old daughter
* wonderful it had Apple CarPlay for Google Maps I downloaded of island
* fuel efficient averaging around 29 MPG on mixed driving albeit roads were very poor hard go 50 - 65 MPH speed limit on highways especially rain and condition
* absolutely gutless, I thought our 18 Tiguan was slow but this was way slower
* well made although not quite up to plastics, switch gear and touch/feel of VW and basic 2015 Honda Pilot
* powerful HVAC but hated manual control

Rental on Alamo site pictured brand new Rogue which I intrigued to get but this worked.