Remote start for 2013 Honda Accord EX (push button)?

Nov 12, 2020
Chicago, IL
Thinking about getting my dad a remote start for his 13 Accord Ex since it sits out and it's cold. Plus, he's getting kinda old :) 😭

Any recommendations? I could get one installed from the dealership I work at but I'd rather see what remote start you guys recommend.

I am looking at this one from best buy:

Not sure if I need a T-Harness or not.

Any help would be appreciated :)
Do you work for a Honda dealership? If so, I only recommend an OEM RES. Others are not always compatible with many vehicle security systems and they do nothing but cause electrical gremlins in 6 mo to a yr.

See if the HONDA dealer installed RES is still available for that Accord. It should plug right in under the steering column even if it has to be programmed after the install. I think they're just a "Plug & Play" unit although I may be wrong on this.

I always say that, if you love your vehicle and everything is working properly, don't buy an aftermarket RES. Just my .02cents.:eek: