Redline D4 ATF in ATF+4 application?

Jun 22, 2008
Central Valley, CA
Going to change out the driveline fluids in my 6spd '08 4.7 Ram, which currently has RL C+ ATF in gearbox & t-case, 75w90 up front and 75w140 in back. Was going through my garage and found 1.5 qts of RL D4 ATF that I've had for a few years. Can I use this fluid in the 6-speed transmission or t-case instead of the C+ ATF (which is supposed to be RL's ATF+4)? I understand that Chrysler automatics are very finnicky about fluid, but I wouldn't expect the t-case or manual transmissions to be as picky. Stick with the C+ or is it ok to use the D4 ATF?