Red Line 5W-40 is indeed available...

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Dec 21, 2003
Phoenix, AZ USA
...from, for $7*/qt. plus $7.80 shipping per 12qt. case. (I'm old enough to have seen engineoil come in 24-quart cases.) Thx for the lead, buster. RL sent me a spec sheet in PDF format that contains all the RL street oils; e-mail me if you'd like it.

JIC anyone cares, I've pretty much decided to use this RL 5W-40 in my Porsche Cayenne Turbo instead of the M1 0W-40 I already have, after the OC (oil change, for us newbies) at about 10,000 miles, which should happen in a few days.

* RL's recommended retail is $7.75.
If Jeffrey were out to save a buck, he might have bought a Sidekick instead of a Cayenne, so I don't think the price of RL oil is too unreasonable. I'd expect the Redline to do nicely in the Cayenne. One thing I'll add: If the Cayenne were my car, I'd change the OEM transmission and rear differential fluids. I am now convinced that this is more important than an early first oil change. RL gear oils work very well in my Audi.

BTW, for once I'd really like to know where exactly anybody sees RL 5W-40 listed at I simply don't see it listed.

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Yeah, I'm not buying a phantom oil. I also don't see the need to call them for their product. What makes ordering online so convenient is that I do not have to call -- that is, if all available products are listed. If a company decides to shoot themselves in the foot with poor marketing, then why would I care?
I've been using RL 5w40 for about 1.5years's been out a while but very poorly marketed.....
Hee hee, "Red Line" and "widely available" in the same sentence.

Arizona can get pretty cold, so a 5W-40 makes sense.
F1--I'll still use a 5Winter-nn engineoil because that's what P designed the engine for. I wouldn't want to give them any excuse NOT to absorb the cost of any engine work that might be required within the warranty period because I used oil that was 'too thick'. Also, the 10W-40 is only 1.3% thicker at 100dC than the 5W-40 while the 8% thinner when cool so it'll pump up slightly quicker.

mori--here's ALL the info I can find on P's oils:
.Autotrans--JWS 3309 (ESSO)
.T-case--Petro Canada Autotrac II
.Differentials--SAF PD (SAF AG4)
.Powersteering--Pentosin CHF 11S

Unless it's disclosed in the $1500 shop manual, P doesn't state the viscosities of the diff oils. Both are open, BTW.

If anyone has more info to translate these into more commonly available synthetic oils, pls let me know.
Jeffrey, I have no idea what weight those gear oils are. Can't you take a look at the bottles at the dealer's parts department? I do see Pentosin CHF 11S power hydraulic fluid on the shelf at a local auto parts store. One liter goes for about $28.
Well, RL 5W40 is a wounderfull oil I have over 4000 winter miles on my fill of 5W40. It is an incredable compromise. I sespect that the reason they do not wish to sell that much is due to material cost. The base stocks they are useing to make it are probably cost prohibative for them to do large scale. THey are probably able to get a low volume supply of the material as an over run from someone elses production over runs and thus get it at a decent price. If they needed to produce more then what they are produceing right now they would probably need to pay a premium price and would also have to buy larger quanty.

The above is just my best guess!

I have seen this happen in other industrys were it is easier for a supplier to make (100,000) units of an item then to make the amount they need (80,000) units. Their primary customer does not want to pay for storage so they supplier will sell the over run off to anyone for a much cheaper price then the primary customer is paying.
For Redline specs use the Australian RL site, it is far better than US one anyway and constantly being updated/improved. If you want to see an awesome UOA check out Tyrolkid RL 5W40 used in his on non std turbo engine, its in the UOA section I believe.
mori--I agree about changing ALL the lubes. Unfortunately, Porsche specifies such unusual (perhaps 'esoteric' would be a good word) oils that RL could crossover only the T-case fluid. I will be changing all those fluids soon but will have to get everything from Porsche. P does say they're all synthetic.

I called MyOilShop at 412/458-5004 and talked to 'LJ'. RL 5W-40 is NOT a 'phantom' oil; RL just apparently doesn't want to sell much of it. I too do not understand why companies that have elaborate websites--that are perhaps their most-important marketing tool--allow them to be incomplete for months.

That spec table including 5W-40 is still available via e-mail.
Jeffrey, I'm sure Porsche has to disclose the weight of the gear oils they use. Odds are they are using Pentosin fluids as OEM fill like most German makers do.

I know RL 5W-40 exists, I've seen the spec sheet, and it is impressive. But I'm not going to run after that oil, I'm not that addicted -- yet.
RL really need to change their marketing. Last time I went to the only auto parts store that carries RL products in the area, they looked at me like I was insane when I asked about 5W-40. They'd never heard of it, but they weren't interested in it either. Just wait till M1 5W-40 is finally revealed. Then everyone will suddenly offer their own 5W-40. I'm taking bets now.

PS: Please don't forget to have a UOA done on the RL and to share the results with us.
I think you can't go wrong with Red Line but I have a question for you: why 5W-40 and not their better known and widely available 10W-40, especially in AZ?

Originally posted by Jeffrey Behr:
F1--I'll still use a 5Winter-nn engineoil because that's what P designed the engine for. I wouldn't want to give them any excuse NOT to absorb the cost of any engine work that might be required within the warranty period because I used oil that was 'too thick'

This from the man who dumped a perfectly good crancase full of M1 0W40 and replaced it with a 30wt dino in a twin-turbo Porsche. Screw what the "winter" number is on the oil being that you live in AZ and worry more about the too thin dino oil you ran in a tt'd-V8... and yes I realize you're now running a xW-40 in the Porsche, but good God man, you've got things *** backwards. You're worried about the winter weight when you ought to be concerned about dumping anything thinner than a xW40 in that engine.

I drained the factory-filled M1 0W-40 and the filter at 33 miles, filled with dead-dino (Mobil) 5W-30, and drained and refilled again at about 300 miles.

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