Recommended oil change interval for rarely driven Honda S2000?

Aug 13, 2015
Denver, CO
I figured I would reach out to get a more informed opinion regarding oil change intervals on my 2008 Honda S2000. The car is garage kept here in Colorado and typically only driven on nice days, or date nights with the wife, with the occasional canyon carving excursion sprinkled in here or there. It has about 65k miles on the clock and I try to be very proactive when it comes to maintenance. These days, I likely only drive it about ~2000 miles a year (or less). Since I don't put many miles on it, I figured it would be better to set the interval based on time.

The last time I changed the oil, I filled it with factory recommended 10w-30, specifically with Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil and an OEM Honda filter.

I've read plenty of threads about various oil recommendations and intervals, but I figured I would ask about the S2000 specifically, as I wasn't sure if the combination of OEM forged internals and an 8200rpm redline (that I do enjoy using) would affect those recommendations.

What would be an appropriate amount of time to set my oil change intervals? 1 year? Shorter? Longer?

Thanks in advance!
I'll be doing yearly oil changes on my weekend driver ('21 Mach 1). Car will probably average 5K per year and driven (on average) 2x per week. Just as importantly, my commutes are long enough that the oil temp is at full operating temperature for an extended period of time throughout the OCI.
I do the same or slightly less miles on my Ferrari (1,000 to 2,000 per year). I change it every other year. Don't ignore the other fluids if you are trying to be proactive. In fact I have every fluid changed at the two year point. Power steering, coolant, brake fluid, transaxle, F1 fluid. Been doing it this way for the past 10 years and coming up on my service this June/July. I doubt the engine or RPM range influences recommendations...its just a car, use what the manufacturer recommends.
because you drive it so little, like a lot of other s2000 owners, change the oil once EVERY YEAR, and change the filter EVERY OTHER year. the PCX filter is a great oil filter and doing it every other year will be perfectly fine. No reason to do the filter yearly esp when it doesn't get a lot of use.
Being it's garage kept you could probably get away with 18+ months. But obviously it's a gem and piece of mind> $60. Change it every 12 months IMHO.
Change it once a year but save the oil in a clean container and reuse it in a beater car or give it to a neighbor who might need a free oil change.