REAL EURO CASTROL 5w-40 here!!

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Nov 10, 2003
Winder, GA
at my local VW dealer at least! This stuff is NOT the american made **** of yore, nay, its is REAL Euro stuff and is in the Euro bottle. it is for the new VW diesel engines (spec. the passat TDi 2 litre 16valve engine) and is like $7 a quart.

now the downside. this looks to be HC oil as it is amber/brown in colour and is in the TXT SofTec Plus bottle. verbatim, except for the labelling having diesel all over it. I assum its a group III oil as the 5w-30 TXT Soft Tec Plus is. Who knows though. Whats interesting is that VW dealers now are FORCED to use this new oil in ANY oil change for the new diesel engines!

Finally, a manufactuer is taking up the issue of dealers using **** oil for cheap changes.

Talk amongst yourselves......

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OMG, this site just blocked out the word CR*P!! ***?! thats gettting ridiculous guys... whats next, do-do?

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Originally posted by Christopher Jefferson:
OMG, this site just blocked out the word CR*P!! ***?! thats gettting ridiculous guys... whats next, do-do?

I don't think Bob made up the list of banned words, I believe it's the default setting in the UBB software, so he just kept that setting when the site was started. It's just simply got a standard list of words it blocks out. Blocking out the word cr*p does seem silly to me.
I just did a search for "**** " and dug up a whole bunch of "**** ". That's enough "**** " for one night!

Although I found it interesting to see the topics where the "**** " came up.

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Ok 10 responsed to this silly thread and only two to my 15w-40 thread. I think sometimes only certain threads are responded to by certain members.

me too...
Back to your topic...why not just use the equivalent Amsoil for that price rather than the mfr mandated oil that you have no choice in at the dealer?
Come on guys, we're just horsing around and having a good time.

Chris, are you currently using this oil in your car? I just saw Shell Rotella Synthetic 5W40 today at Walmart on sale for $11.88 a gallon, which is less than $3 a quart. It may be a good alternative to the VW oil. -Joe
i sense of fraggle rock humour....geesh!

yes i know that the block feature has been on here since God created earth but blocking the word cr*p? whatever...


no im not using this oil yet. im happy w/ the GC 0w-30 and its doing fine. and yes id love to use the rotells t syn but it seems that the almighty and all knowing wally workd marketeers decided that its doesnt sell well enough and have now taken it from the shelves where i live (NE Atlanta-Gwinnett co.)

I forgot to look to see where in Europe this oil is made but its definetely made in Europe. ill try it eventually. right now ive still got 4K miles left on GC coupled w/ Auto Rx and after that i gotta do a flush. then ive still got some LM 0w-40 but, i may go for this new Castrol instead.
I was dissapointed when I saw the price of $7. I was looking for a summer oil to conserve GC, but I will just use up the SJ Superflo synth 5w-50/10w-30 blend I have laying around. My car ~really~ likes GC and I only paid $4 for it.

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Did anyone from the USA notice if the Castrol 5W-40 oil is sold in quarts or liters? Also how much does the other version of Castrol 5W-40 cost. If I understand this correctly now VW dealers are selling two different versions of Castrol 5W-40. One for the older diesels that is a 505.00 oil and the newer Castrol 5W-40 505.01 oil for the latest diesels. Also does anyone know the VW part numbers for either of these two oils?

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