Race programs and autographs going back the late '60s

Mar 3, 2011
California's Central Coast Wine Country

I have a large Rubbermaid container full of race programs that I've collected over the years during my travels. Probably 75 or 100 of them. Most are from Laguna Seca, Long Beach, Sears Point, Riverside (RIP), a few from Portland and Fontana, and one from the 1983 24 Hours of Le Mans (what an experience!). All are in great condition and several are autographed.

One of the most noteworthy programs is from the 1975 Long Beach F5000 race, the very first race on the streets of Long Beach. My program has Graham Hill's autograph in it. If you recall, he died in a plane crash while returning back to the UK after that race. I think it's possible this autograph could be his last - and I can prove it. I have a picture of Sue (then my girlfriend) getting our program signed by him.

I also have a sizable collection of newspapers and magazines with big racing news, things like the death of Dale Sr.

Also too, I have thousands (literally) of 35mm Kodachrome slides, Long Beach in particular. Sue and I were fortunate to be able to afford the best tickets and passes. Some of the closeup shots of the late '70s to early and mid '80s F1 cars are INSANE. I have crystal clear images of suspensions, gearboxes, engines, cockpits, etc - amazing detail of the greatest Grand Prix cars of the era. I have a crystal clear picture of Clay Regazzoni's 1980 Ensign, the tub and chassis literally folded in half from a 160 mph impact with the barrier at the end of the "Queen's Straightaway" (his brake pedal broke!). Sue and I were there for that crash and it was a tough thing to witness.

I think this stuff might be valuable. What do y'all think would be the best way to sell it?

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