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May 19, 2003
I am asking for opinions, agreements, disagreements and facts from anyone who knows something about this. And, if correct, I think this quote adds to the debate of synthetic vs. dino oil.

This was found in the oiling systems section of "How to build high performance chyrsler engines" by frank adkins. The author is an ase certified mechanic with cert in advanced level engine performance.

Quote: "The film strength of many mineral-based oils becomes severely weakened at temperatures slightly over 220 degrees F and even the best begin to oxidize between 250 and 300 degrees F."

Film strength is just as important viscosity. Advanced modern synthetic base stocks are very resistant to film rupture even under high temp and high shear conditions. In light of this you can actually use a lighter synthetic and get the same protection as a heavier petroleum. When comparing petroleum to petroleum or synthetic to synthetic, it is true that a higher viscosity can offer more protection to a point. Too high of a viscosity will cause internal friction in the fluid and actually make your engine work harder.

I think we forget that when you look at a 100% synthetic 20wt oil such as M1, the protection you are getting is probably equivelant to a good dino 30/40wt. So even though Mobil 1 30wts are light in viscosity, they are providing the protection of a SAE 40wt. in regular oil.

If there is anything to be afraid of, its dino 5w-20!!

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It has been my understanding that PAO is only slightly better in terms of film strength when compared to conventional oils. The synthetics that have the insane film strength are ester's not PAO. This is why none of Redlines oils shear while Mobil-1 has a problem with shearing on their wide viscosity oils. It is true to say that PAO's film strength does not diminish as much at high temps as a conventional oil does. Chemistry Geeks and Tribologists correct my mistakes!

This is why none of Redlines oils shear while Mobil-1 has a problem with shearing on their wide viscosity oils

Very true. I do think ExxonMobils VII's are volatile and shear down too much. I know that my car drank M1 0w-30. I think Mobil 1 15w-50 and 10w-30 are by far there best oils. Delvac 1 is a great oil, but I'm putting that in the deisel category.
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