Oct 31, 2017
I love quince. Tart and very refreshing it makes for a great fruit spread, pie filling, jam, compote, and a condiment for chicken and game meat. It's also great with pancakes and scrambled eggs. I made some quince preserves tonight. Not the proper way for long term shelf life, just a small quantity to last for about a week to ten days in the fridge. Ingredients are chopped quince, lemon juice, coconut sugar (just enough), inulin, and a little pectin (quince already contains pectin, so not much needs to be added). I used three fairly large quince and got a stoneware jar full of product. The color change from light yellow to amber occurs due to the anthocyanins being exposed to heat. I cooked this simply in a small pot with lid. The quince needs to cook about 30 minutes to get soft. I did sloppily sterilize the stoneware container with boiling water. As I said, I'm not looking for long term shelf life here. Tastes great! As an additional benefit, quince is anti-inflammatory.

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Never heard of it. Please send me a jar to sample so I can comment :D
According to Greek mythology, quince, known as the golden apple of the garden of the Hesperides, was involved in the outbreak of the Trojan War. That's why quince is the quintessential Apple of Discord. Read about intrigue, war, action, meddling gods and scheming mortals Homer's The Iliad.