questions regarding blended oils

Apr 5, 2022
dealership did a free oil change on my 21 ranger. said they used motorcraft blend 5w30.

would any quality brand synthetic be a better choice than blended oils? google search gives me mixed results. to me, it would appear that even quaker state full synthetic, supertech or other similar priced full synthetic oil would be a better for my truck over the blended type. is there really that much difference in the 2 types?

at walmart quaker state full synthetic is $5 cheaper than motorcraft blend. so why not just go synthetic?
In general Full Synthetic = more better than blend, if full syn is cheaper to me it's a no brainer to go for the full syn especially such a high regarded product like QSFS, you get an oil made with Shell's superior Gas to Liquid base oils for less than what ever synblend Phillips 66 bottles for Motorcraft, which isn't bad oil for what it is, it just has no business being more expensive than a full synthetic.
Motorcraft Synthetic blend oils are very stout. Manufactured by Phillips 66 and most "weights" if not all, are identical to Kendall. I wouldn't worry about it.
I asked my engine and it said it couldn't tell the difference. it was thankful that I change my oil at decent miles. Something about my not being a cheapskate with extended oil change intervals. The oil liked that I switched to a better Fram synthetic oil filter also. I was thinking about buying another vehicle but the van explained how it is all paid for and I should just be happy with it and take good care of it.
I agree, the Motorcraft Synthetic Blend is actually a very good oil for what it is and will work just fine for your Ranger. It all depends on how much they would charge you for the oil, obviously you can get a better oil from Walmart and change it yourself a lot cheaper than by having the dealer do it for you assuming you were paying for the oil change.

The Quaker State FS is a very good oil with a stout additive package to boot. I mostly run SOPUS products in my vehicles which have been great, was using PP in my truck but switched to RGT but also have QS on hand for when I run out of the others.

To me I put the QS in the same boat as Chevron, both are really great oils and can get them fairly inexpensive vs the other options and the general public doesn't really know about them. I think most people either go with whatever is the cheapest on sale or they go for something with name brand recognition ie: Mobil 1, Valvoline, or even Castrol.