Question about headliner adhesive

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Feb 17, 2007
Clermont, Florida
I am going to replace the headliner in my Dakota this week. It's not sagging yet but the fabric itself is deteriorating at a rapid rate up by the top of my windshield, and it is coming separated from the foam backing in spots near the back glass. I already bought new headliner material however I can not find contact cement in a spray can locally. Lowe's and Home Depot do have liquid contact cement in a can that I could brush on but I much prefer a spray. The brush method would probably be a big fat mess. I did find this Permatex headliner adhesive online at Amazon, and surprisingly enough the Napa web site says my local Napa has it in stock for only $12.69 per can: Has anyone here used it or have any info on it? It does have good reviews on Amazon, but I trust the BITOG community's opinion a lot more than Amazon. Home Depot does carry a spray contact cement but it has to be special ordered. Napa is less than a mile from my house and has this Permatex spray adhesive on the shelf. I appreciate any info. Thanks.
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You want to use 3m super 90 spray adjesive. Home Depot carries it.
Thanks for the link and info JHZR2. According to the specs on the 3M web site the Super 90 will hold and stick up to 250 degrees. The Permatex is only rated to 170 degrees. It sure gets hot and very humid here in Florida and I do not want to have to do this job over any time soon. The HD web site says the Super 90 "may be in stock at my local store". Lowe's site says they have it in stock so I will pick up a couple cans tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for your help.
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