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Oct 7, 2003
I have 3 vehicles that I'm considering useing CI-4/SL 4 15w40 fleet oils in. I have not owned any of these 3 vehicles very long, so I have little history as to how they react with any viscosity. 1991 Mercedes 300E 167K Miles 1984 Pace Arrow motorhome 454 Chev 75K Miles 1997 Ford F150 4.6L 86K Miles I feel fairly comfortable using 15w40 in the Mercedes and motorhome, but may be better off using 10w30 until the F150 exceeds 100K miles. It would be nice to be able to use one oil on all vehicles, I will probably go with Pennzoil 15w40 LL or Chevron 400 Delo. The weather here rarely goes below +32F in the winter (mabe a few days of +26F), would 15w40 be acceptable to run all season here? My Mercedes manual recomends 15w40 for temps above +5F, but I have read Delo has a -38F PP and Pennz -33F PP, I'm not sure what that means in terms of cold weather capability. One final thought, I would at some point like to try Schaeffer, who would be my best source? Thanks for any input.
If its of any interest or importants I use Napa Gold filters, and the Triton engine in the truck is the Windsor (not Romeo).
Sure...go right ahead and dump some 15w-40 in there. [Big Grin] Just do a little experimentation and see what your vehicles like. For example, I've been a user of Delo 400 in diesel engines, but when I tried it in my 4.3L gasoline Chevy pickup, it wasn't the best match, even though a guy on here with a BMW used Delo and it worked wonderfully. So far though, after making the switch to Pennzoil Long-Life from Delo in my truck, it seems like a better match.
What difference did you notice Delo vs. Pennz LL. From what I have read, Pennz LL has a more robust additive package vs. Delo having a slightly better base stock. This is all new and very interesting to me, I love this site.
Really please consider Amsoil 15W-40 full synthetic fleet oil. Seeing that you are local I'd cut you a good deal - it is one of Amsoil's best values. I use the 15W-40 in my 240,000 mile Volvo 240 turbo. In about 2500 miles I will drain and analyze my oil and switch to 50/50 mix of Amsoil 15W-40 and Pennz LL 15W-40. That could be interesting! There is more to an oil's cold temp behavior than pour point. Synthetics really shine with their ability to actually pump and flow at temps that leave petroleum oil stiff. We had some teens a few years back....and don't you remember that -2°F winter in 1990?
Thanks Pablo, please email me your contact info [email protected]. I would consider trying the Amsoil for sure, the Mercedes and motorhome do have minor leaks that I assume should be fixed before I go with syth. But I will go that direction, along with extended drains (and analysis) on all these cars. Your right, there have been occasions for the weather to be less than the +26F low I mentioned, that represents the typical winter. I need to change the MB and F150 oil today, what off the shelf brand and viscosity would you recommend? Also, does Amsoil make a 40 weight monograde, I favor this for my jetboat and have been using 40 weight Kendall, this and Royal Purple seem to hold up well but I am always willing to try new oils. Thanks again
I ended up going with Delo 15w40 in the MB, and 10w30 Mobile 1 for F150, which BTW Napa has onsale for $3.99 qt right now. Looking forward to trying the Schaeffer and Amsoil.
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