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Mar 20, 2014
Hey guys, so I have found this good deal on groupon. It is $15 for a QSSB oil change and filter. I have a 2012 Chevy cruze 1.8L now and do 4K OCI on it since I get these coupons often and the oil technically isn't "dexos1" approved. Anyone have thoughts on this thinking? All feedback would be appreciated. P.S. Don't know what filter they use for the car is but I am sure it is nothing special.
Does QS have two synthetic blends, one that is dexos1 and one that doesn't carry the dexos1 license? (The way Pennzoil does) QS Synthetic Blend is on the dexos1 list but the same goes for Pennzoil Synthetic blend even though the "common" blend gold bottle is not dexos1. To the original question, consensus says the 1.8l is easy on oil. Don't know your driving style (short tripper, etc.) but I would not be concerned if I was changing it at 4K. Personally I'd go further, but I typically go out the full OLM on a full synthetic. I'd be curious to know about the filter - I don't think there are many choices out there in the aftermarket. Correction: I see on RA there are Pronto, Wix, Mahle and Fram. Sure there are other too.
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I believe QS does. The shop told me they were switching to the dexos1 approvaed blend by next oil change.
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