Pulled the trigger on a new to me 2016 CR-V today

Last fall, I sprayed water to clean the underside of the CR-V very well, gave it a few days to dry, and took it to a rust prevention place that actually does most of there work repairing vehicles that have already rusted, but also does spraying on coatings to prevent rust. It is called RRI which stands for Rust Repair Incorporated. There rust-prevention includes an extra charge for what the call scaling a vehicle ( cleaning any loose metal rust away ) if it is not new from the factory, and then the standard package with price based on the size of the vehicle that includes spraying the oily/tar like coating on everything that can be seen under the vehicle that might rust, and bringing it back once a year for 6 more additional touch-ups that are already paid for in the initial package.

As for the lock, it only has one, on the drivers door. They did not even put one on the passengers side. I sprayed in Houdini lock spray and moved the key in and out a few times. I use the fob all the time, not the key. But want to use the key about once a year and spray it once a year to be sure it still works and is not rusted inside to the point it will not work.

I will have to look into what to spray on the CV boots, and what to spray on the flex pipe. The flex pipe will be a challenge to figure out what to treat it with since it gets very hot.

I cleaned and painted the coolant cross pipe, and the oil dip stick tube, on the front of the engine with some Rust-Oleum Zinc spray ( that I sprayed into a can and painted on ). I had to mask the entire area very well. That stuff splatters a heck of a lot when you brush it on.