Pulled the trigger on a new to me 2016 CR-V today

Aug 22, 2009
Pittsburgh,PA U.S.A.
I found a 2016 CR-V with 19,748 miles on it, a clean CarFax, one owner, and a good oil change history on CarFax always by the same Honda dealer In Wexford who originally sold the vehicle to the original owner and was now offering it for sale. OCI of 6,051 miles, 11,599 miles, 15,726 miles, and 19,778 miles. Because the Wexford dealer originally sold it, and did all the service on it over the years, and was also now selling it, I am thinking this vehicle spent most of its life around Wexford PA which is a fairly flat area with roads that are mostly faster than stop and go city traffic, compared to the hills and traffic around Pittsburgh. So I am thinking that along with regular oil changes, the CVT had a easier life than it would have had if it had been closer to the city. The dealer put a new battery in it in December 27 2019 when the odometer had 19,729 miles on it, and just put new rotors and pads on all 4 and flushed the break fluid, and changed the rear differential fluid, and put 4 new Goodyear Assurance all season tires on it. I took it for a test ride today and the multi-adjustable power drivers seat fit me like a glove and I am 6' 4", and the vehicle absorbs bumps in the road nicely. Two very important things for my bad back. The vehicle inside is quiet and the normally aspirated direct injected 2.4 has enough power for my non aggressive laid back driving, but pulled fine on hills when I gave it the gas. The price was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I am hopping to get many years out of this vehicle. I drive about 5K to 7K miles a year. Usually around the south hills of Pittsburgh, very little actual in the city stop and go. So I am hopping with good maintenance this vehicle will last many years. I will probably change the engine oil every 5K with the best lowest NOACK oil I can find, and a Mobil filter, Honda CVT fluid every 25K, and Honda rear differential fluid every 15K. I figure it is going to take me quite a while to learn all the little things about this vehicle. I am wondering if an oil catch can on the PVC line might me a good idea? And if so who makes the best one? Also, music is one of my hobbies and this vehicle has USB ports for flash-drives for the sound system. I want to load about 2000 songs that are on CD's onto a flash-drive and keep them in the vehicle. I think a 128 Gig drive will be big enough, but wonder what make of flash-drive would hold up to the coldest winter temperatures and the heat of being locked in a vehicle on the hottest days of summer? Would a flash-drive larger than 128 Gig be less reliable? Also what software would be the best for transferring songs from CD's to a flash drive, preferably to be run on a windows 10 Lenova laptop with 500 Gig hard-drive? Thanks in advance for any information on the best lowest NOACK oil, the catch can, flash-drive, music software, and anything else I should be aware of.
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Sounds like a good car but wonder about the rotors and pads at less than 20K? That sounds over the top even for a Honda dealer to get prepped for sale unless it's priced at the top of the range. Good luck with it. Has pothole season started yet?
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Sounds like a good car but wonder about the rotors and pads at less than 20K? That sounds over the top even for a Honda dealer to get prepped for sale unless it's priced at the top of the range. Good luck with it. Has pothole season started yet?
They probably resurfaced the rotors on all 4 corners. Not uncommon, even at 20K, if there was a pulsation issue.
Why not change the oil when the MM tells you to ? Any modern oil off the shelf at Walmart will be 100% fine in this engine too. For music, unless you use lossless conversion, which I'm thinking you don't, a 128gb flash drive will hold 2000 songs. In fact, it will probably hold 10,000 songs. Flash drives don't care about hot or cold temperatures either, at least nothing that will be encountered in a car. You need to "rip" the CDs first to get the songs into MP3 format (on your hard drive). Then use Explorer to copy or move them to the flash drive.
Most of the roads around the south hills haven't developed the potholes like they have in the past. It has been a mild winter and not as many freeze-thaw days as the past winters.
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...but wonder about the rotors and pads at less than 20K? That sounds over the top even for a Honda dealer to get prepped for sale unless it's priced at the top of the range. Good luck with it.
Heh, just sounds like the dealership has a good salesman, errrr, I mean service writer. He "recommends" things and that poor owner trusts him/her. I mean, new pads and rotors (or refinished them), brake fluid, diff fluid, and tires at 20k miles ? I mean, the only thing those hurt is the owner's wallet.
I bought out 2001 Impala when it was 3 years old and had 30,000 miles on it, changed the engine oil and filter regularly, put a trany cooler on it and changed the trany fluid and filter every 30,000 and it now has 117,200 miles on it. So I keep a vehicle for a long time. I am a little concerned about carbon build-up on the back of the intake valves so that is why I plan on doing 5K OCI with a good low NOACK oil. In the past I used FLAC (first loss-less audio compression format) that only compresses to half the original file size, for most of the songs and I had on a 80 Gig Kenwood MusicKeg in my 1985 Olds 88 coupe. About 1/10 of my songs would not compress with FLAC so I coppied them non-compressed. Still, those 2000 and something songs only used up about 1/2 of the 80 Gig drive. I figure a 128 Gig drive would be big enough for me to add more than the current amount I have.
The Honda dealer did point out that the pads had enough to pass inspection but not enough to pass the Honda Certified requirements, and the same thing about the tires. One of my brothers went along and he did get the price down a little.
These Samsung drives are quite decent and rated down to -25C operating temp: Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB - 300MB/s (MUF-128BE3/AM) - Champagne Silver https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BPK3XWW 2000 4-minute songs in FLAC format should fit on a 128 GB drive no problem. Does the CRV's stereo support FLAC? If those 2000 songs are on 200 CDs, then ripping them will be a fairly time consuming project, but certainly doable. I would use EAC to rip them.
Congrats and welcome to the CRV club! Our after 3 years of ownership needed new front brake pads and tires, beyond that we did not put any unexpected $$$. The bottom line we are satisfied with the vehicle Our uses some oil between OCI I'd say 1qt; it's horn was awful from the factory so I updated it to the Accord horn. There is plenty of the back space and in its trunk; today I went to check a Grand Cherokee and a X1, our CRV has more space and better back seat position from both. We stream music on our cells. So which model did you get since they all differ somewhat?
CRV's have insane resale value. one like your i would not be surprised if you paid $20k for it. CRV brakes are undersized for the vehicle weight and develop a shimmy easily if ridden hard.
Congrats,, see a lot on the roads and they seem to have happy customers. Probably loyalists that are repeat buyers too. As for brakes and rotors within the early miles, def can be an aggressive service writer wanting to upsell (profits, commission, mark-up) before genuinely needed OR the orig driver was just a tad off their game as per riding the brakes or strange driving habits. I'm convinced even if just having the pulsating feel, that can be caused or induced by driver habits in some cases too.That's a variable that shouldn't prove to follow the vehicle from previous owner.
Best of luck with your "new to you" CR-V. smile IDK what you paid(not asking) for the CR-V but, they do command a high resale value. My good buddy just traded in his 2014 CR-V EX-L w/NAVI with 42K miles on the clock for a 2020 FORD F-150(MSRP-$43,000). They gave him(no lie), $18,000 for the CR-V on a trade. AND knocked $11,000 off of the sticker of the FORD F-150. He only had to come up with $14,000 + tax & license etc. \ For Reference, his '14 CR-V the way it was equipped stickered for ~$32K in '14. He paid $27K I'm not sure that this dealer can even ask $18K for the 2014 CR-V on their lot but, somehow the deal works!
Nice to know you're starting with new brakes/rotors/tires, with that low miles almost like buying a new one. I've never had a salesman or writer try to upsell me on anything on a used car or truck, never heard of a writer involved in a used car sale. It is what it is when they put it on the lot. Buyer negociating something into the sale is different.
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I'ts a EX.
we paid for ours $28K off the lot, including finances, tax, tag and title in December 2016; They even throw in all-weather floor mats for the price, value of $200; We could not refuse the deal; the new 2017 CRV was released but nowhere to be found on the dealers lot yes at the time; Ours was $29.5K MSRP; ones with AWD and GPS would easily get to $32K, next Touring edition started at $33K; an EX model at the time was about $3k less than an EXL model generally now if I would sell it I'd ask for about $17-18K
At the rate you drive, 7000 miles per year, you'll have 160,000 miles on it in 20 years. Why do you think you need tranny cooler, oil catch can, or special oil to keep a Honda running tip top for the next 20 years?
[quote=AZjeff] wonder about the rotors and pads at less than 20K? That sounds over the top even for a Honda dealer/quote] last honda i owned brakes went to just shy 100k something fishy IMHO
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last honda i owned brakes went to just shy 100k something fishy IMHO
Carfax only shows front and rear pads replaced. Not the rotors. Good luck with your CR-V OP.