PS resivoir in 94 Camry 4 cyl

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I bought an el chepo turkey baster at KMART to try and flush the PS fluid in my Camry. Says it takes Dex II. The reservoir in the Camry is mounted on a fender and foot or so from the PS pump. It has a cap with a round dipstick, but the min/max (or hot/cold) are on the outside of the reservoir. Unsure why there is a dipstick. The dipstick sticks into the middle of the container and what it sticks into kind of looks like a plastic donut. No markings on the dipstick. My turkey baster cannot reach down far enough to pick up any old PS fluid as it would have to go down and sideways as this plastic donut keeps the PS fluid to the outside.

I am sure I could disconnect one or both of the hoses to the reservoir but this was supposed to be easy.
For the camry, my suggestion is to go to the ToyotaNation forum in the Camry section FAQ. There is a description with pictures exactly how to flush the PS for a camry. It is very easy to do. The principle can be used for other cars.

As for fluid, you can use any ATF Dexron certified fluid, it should Dex III or VI is the latest.
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