Powerstop Brake Pads - Extreme vs Evolution

Dec 11, 2006
North Carolina, USA
2017 Chevy Colorado towing a 4,500 lb travel trailer. Want to go with Powerstop and there are 4 options:

Z36 Extreme - Severe duty truck & tow, carbon fiber infused ceramic
Z23 Evolution Sport - Carbon fiber infused ceramic, performance upgrade
Z17 Evolution Plus - Carbon Fiber OEM
Z16 Evolution Plus - Carbon Fiber OEM pre scorched?

There are all within a few bucks. I guess my question would be on the Z36 Extreme, I would assume that the pads are not too wide to work with stock rotors? No indication that they would be, Just want to see if anyone has used the Z36 Extremes and how you like Powerstop.

Chevy Colorado Powerstop
I like power stops and have used the 36, 23 and 17’s I like them all. I like them better than the the Element 3’s. The 36s I paired with their rotors. I put it on a vehicle that had undersized factory pads and a lot of brake fade. The 36’s helped quite a bit. YMMV.
I have the z36 pads and rotors on my F150. I tow anything from a small utility trailer to a 20 ft bass boat. Soon I will be adding a 28 ft RV to that list. My experience so far with them has been great. Very responsive and you can really feel a difference in stopping power coming from the stock rotors and pads.

I’ll be that guy and recommend getting the pad and rotor kit, but I’m sure you’d be just fine with your stock rotors. When I changed mine I compared the old brake pads to the z36 pads and they were identical in size.
These Z36 Extreme - the severe-duty truck & tow set look great to me.

But then, my Silverado has been happy with ACDelco semi-metallic pads and other Delco parts. I don't have experience with these PowerStop components.

Good luck, threadstarter. Tell us how they work out after they're installed.
I have installed a set of the Z36 pads and rotors on my 2017 RAM 1500 and have been quite pleased with them. Will probably do the same for my Gladiator when time comes for replacement there also.
Running the Z 36 pads along with power stop rotors on my 2011. So far I have only about 10,000 miles on them but they are fantastic. Stops my 65 lbs. 33 inch tires like they are factory tires.