Post your latest tractor oil change.

Michigan, USA
Massey Ferguson 6475 (Perkins 1106c)
Out: Delo 400 SDE (CK-4/SN), OEM filters: 1447048M2. Oil was ran from 2,861.8 hrs to 3,079.0 hrs (217.2 hours in service), from 5-17-2019 to 8-16-2020.

In: 15.2 quarts of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40 and (2) Carquest 85806 filters, made by Baldwin. The filters are mounted base down, so they have a built in standpipe. I believe the Massey/agco OEM filters are a relabeled Wix 51806.

I also replaced the mechanical lift pump with a Delphi HFP068 (Carquest, lifetime warranty). The mechanical lift pump was replaced last year at the last oil change with an OEM Massey replacement after the 14 year old factory pump diaphragm tore and started leaking. The OEM replacement failed after a year and only about 200 hours of service. The pump that failed after only a year from Massey (4225162M1) was $161.28 from the dealer last year. The Delphi pump was $89.50 through a friend that let me have it at his cost.
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John Deere 6215
Out: Delo 400 SDE (CK-4/SN)15w40, RE504836.
Ran from 3,725.8 hrs to 4,144.4 hrs (418.6 hrs in service) from 5-25-2019 to 8-17-2020

In: 16.8 quarts of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40, RE504836.
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Changed both fuel filters:
Front: RE509031 (final filter)
Rear: RE509208 (water separator/ pre-filter)

Changed front axle oil:
Out: Hy-gard
In: 6.9 quarts of Chevron 1000 THF

Changed MFWD final drives:
Out: Gear oil
In: 0.6 quarts per final drive, Starfire GL-5 85w140
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Going to have to look up those filter OD's :unsure:... hmmm... good pics thanks!
Going to have to look up those filter OD's :unsure:... hmmm... good pics thanks!

The last CQ filters I got for a Massey Ferguson tractor were Baldwin. They were a Carquest 85806, made in USA by CLARCOR/Baldwin. The OEM filter is an AGCO 1447048M2 which appears to be identical to a Wix 51806, as far as I can tell. The OEM filter crosses to a Baldwin BT216.
The OEM AGCO filter has a black plastic standpipe just like the Wix/Napa filter, the Baldwin/CQ filter is a metal standpipe. Examples can be seen here, the filters used in the example aren’t the same filters I’m describing but the designs are very similar.
Parker Hannifin CLARCOR acquisition

2004 JD 6415 MFWD (2,715.6 engine hours) Out: JD plus 50-II (15w40) and a JD RE504836 filter (467.7 engine hours on both, in service from 2/5/19 to 5/8/20). In: 16.8 quarts of Mobil Delvac 1300 15w40, JD RE504836 filter Also changed both final drives with GL-5 85w140 (~24 oz each). Changed front axle oil with Chevron 1000 THF (calls for Hy-Gard -~6 quarts). Changed both fuel filters, JD part #'s RE506031 and RE508208. Changed both hydraulic filters (AL221066, AL203061). Changed outer air filter, AL172780.
I incorrectly stated that the 6415 is an 04, it is a 2006.

3031.0 Engine hours, 315.4 hours on this interval, from 5/8/2020 to 10/1/2020.

Out: Mobil Delvac 1300 15w40, RE504836 oil filter.
In: Mobil Delvac 1300 15w40, RE504836 oil filter.

The tractor was taken out of service and brought to the shop to fix a fuel leak at the injectors, which we suspected was causing it to run poorly. I replaced the injector nozzle/return fitting on all four injectors and that took care of the leak. The tractor was still running poorly after the repair. With the key turned on (engine not running) I could hear the fuel lift pump sucking a small amount of air. I replaced the rubber fuel lines on the suction side of the lift pump, back to the tank. The tractor is running great for now and I believe the issue is resolved. I intended to push this oil change interval a little further, but I had it in the shop for the fuel leak and had the front end loader removed so it was a good time to change it.
6C22FC90-AA56-4CEE-BD7A-D08F2C87DC96.jpeg CF86F404-9CC4-4BA4-AA93-DDAAE67C465B.jpeg C8DB2266-FFE7-4417-AFCC-92E5FFF5D0A2.jpeg 5B0050E8-1ED6-41F1-95B6-4D92E0072592.jpeg EAB28FDE-5B92-4224-865F-8A014A234B62.jpeg
Massey Ferguson 1250

Removed a Fram TG4967 oil filter and drained out Rotella T5 10w30

Installed a slightly bigger oil filter this time, an MC 910s and refilled with Chevron Delo 10w30 synblend

New Holland TC 30

Removed a Wix filter equivalent size of a fram 3614 and drained out Valvoline Premium Blue 10w30

Installed a Bosch Distance Plus 3330 filter and refilled with Valvoline Premium Blue 10w30

I change the oil on these 2 tractors once a year around this same time regardless of hours.
Ford/New Holland 4610 Series II
Out: Carquest 15w 40 conventional HDEO Carquest R85515 filter
In: Carquest 5w 40 synthetic HDEO Carquest R85515 filter (this oil is on clearance currently at my local Advance Auto for $9.95/1 gal. jug)
I guess this counts as a tractor. This is my parents 2005 Massey Ferguson ZT33 zero turn mower. It’s a 33 hp 3 cylinder diesel with a 60” deck. It’s a rebadged Iseki mower. I think the Iseki equivalent is an SZ330. It has an Iseki E3CD engine.
Out: Delo 400 SDE 15w40, Agco 72201828 oil filter. (Unknown interval)
In: Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40 and a Fram XG4967.

The OEM filter number doesn’t cross to a Fram filter, but it crosses to a Wix 51360 or 51394. Those Wix filters cross to a Fram XG4967 or an XG2951. Both Wix filters have an 8-11 psi bypass valve. The Fram XG2951 has a 12 psi bypass valve and the XG4967 has a 14 psi bypass valve. The XG4967 was the closest in size to the OEM filter so I chose it. I think there may be room for the bigger XG2951 so I may try it next time.
2009 Kubota M9540
Out: Unknown dealer bulk (Changed when we bought it at 573 hours)
In: Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40. I left the OEM filter on since it only has 115 hours on it. I’ll probably run this fill for 100-150 hours and change the oil and filter. Kubota recommends changing the oil every 300 hours and the engine oil filter every 600 hours.
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2008 Kubota L3400 that just hit a whopping 110 hours!

Changed the coolant, gave it fresh oil (Rotella 5w-40), cleaned the fuel screen and tightened up the belt.

All it has done for the last 13 years is pull a box blade to maintain the farm access roads a couple times a year. Would prefer to sell it and get something at least one frame size up but this'll do what it needs to and it doesn't have any emissions silliness.