Pistol slide wear

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I 2nd the post above about motor oil. I have been doing that about 20 years. When I change the oil, I put the jug upside down on a funnel and let it sit a few hours or overnight. Then I "bottle" it and call it "Gun oil, M-1." ;)

Buy some snap caps and practice all operations of the pistol with those till it's second nature. Concentrate on pulling the trigger without moving the sights of target, single and double action. No need to thank me.

This is the single best advice for learning to shoot well. I did some PP (USPSA) shooting a while back. I was reading about top-level shooters and I read Rob Leatham "fired" 10,000 times a week to stay competitive. 2,000 live and 8,000 dry. I started doing some each night and my shooting got dramatically better pretty quickly.

Gun oil, M-1 (10w30 high mileage to be precise):


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Ive thought about using engine oil as gun oil since gun oil seems to evaporate/dry too fast. Ive been using some very old Hoppes Elite Performance oil that i had laying around.
Does engine oil attract more dust/dirt/carbon to surfaces or its the same as gun oil?
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A recently got my Glock 19 and the black coating is also coming off just from me racking it manually.
From all the reading I’ve done, these things were designed to run on very little lubrication and using more lube will actually cause trouble.
There is nothing to worry about as far as I’m concerned.

Also, if these guys could not kill their Glock, normal use won’t either.