People are driving like maniacs!

I used to drive like a maniac all the time when I owned my Nissan 350Zs (plural) with 6 speed manual.😈
These cars were just egging me on.

But i changed and I been going to places in recent years sports cars cant take me so I become a 4x4 SUV guy.
Feeling the greatly dimished handling and control of my new steeds compared to my previous vehicles, I rarely speed as a result.
Its had a calming effect on my driving.

Not to the point of becoming an obstacle (I hope) but I went from being just one police interaction away from a suspended license to no tickets in 13 years.

PS: People driving Brodozers as if they were sportscars have impaired judgement to put it charitably.

I keep on telling people..when I drive 75-80 on highways that are 65 or 70MPH... Pick your choice of how to say it, either "I'm not going slow" or "I'm still speeding" or "I'm not not speeding"... I usually get passed like I'm standing still.

Unless police come back this summer, it will be more of the same, and all I can say before I stop is that they *used to* not want to risk interaction with the public, if we start all of that again .
This crash happened earlier this week. Car breaks down and driver gets it to the shoulder on I-5 on a bridge. While the driver is checking under the hood another car slams into him from the rear catapulting the first driver over the bridge rail and 180 feet to the water below. Second driver was under the influence.

Everyone figures the max speed their car moves is the only safe speed

that’s why highway deaths have been skyrocketing.

You would figure you would run out of Darwin awards but it doesn’t seem to work
So true.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its early estimate of traffic fatalities for 2021. NHTSA projects that an estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes last year, a 10.5% increase from the 38,824 fatalities in 2020. The projection is the highest number of fatalities since 2005 and the largest annual percentage increase in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System’s history.
Why did you bump this thread?
Just so you all know, the original poster in this thread, @CharlesInCharge was removed, presumably for being a troll though I don't know that, and I had been called that just from looking at several posts and had several IRL jokes about the same from some board members here that run high profile yet boutique oil companies.
What is a IRL joke?
In Real Life. I was in the physical presence of some business owners that sponsor the site and I had brought up this particular thread, as I was very engaged in the discussion and commenting and knew very early on what I suspect was the case, as to removal. Now it is just speculation and I dont claim to know nor be making a factual statement, just that it could be construed, perhaps, as posters getting taken for a ride for responding to some of the posts made by OP at least in this thread. We were all in agreement on my hypothesis in real life.
Tailgating is a serious irritant around here in MD.
Even very elderly people are doing it and at high speed.
Even if they were familiar with how to determine correct following distance, they would still have their grill full in your rear view mirror. This bothers me no end, but law enforcement doesn't seem to be interested.The only way I have learned how to contend with following too close is to stay home and not go anywhere unless we need too. Bah Humbug #*&%@!%^*^%#@
See people go through red lights more often . I'll look left and right at stop signs or when red light turns green before going . Has saved a few times of getting into accident with a disobedient driver . Will take chances with someone getting annoyed behind car at stops for a few extra seconds .
:( times . Very little courtesy , kindness or respect .
People around me tend to sometimes drive really really slow, like below speed limit slow.. on wide open roads. I mean like 40 in a 50 for a mile. (Holding up traffic kind of thing, solid double yellow line.) I am not sure if this is passive aggressive or what. But.

There are many things done on the road that have me wondering.

And sometimes, it is the road itself with all the one lane of it all. At least on a broken yellow line, you are free to pass if there is no oncoming traffic...

Police are back a little bit, if I am observing correctly. Not a lot but some.