"?" on winter washer fluids...

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
Which brands have real de-icer in their winter washer fluids? and which brand is the best? I know it's a bit early, but want to be sure what to get when the time comes... [Smile]
Prestone's the only one I've ever tried that seems like it has de-icer. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of this stuff is the same formula that's just re-dyed and re-labeled winter/summer.
The cheap blue stuff can freeze at 20F [above zero]. Just get a gallon of the most expensive stuff. It is very frustrating to have the washer fluid turn to slush on a cold morning.
How about buying regular washer fluid and adding some de-icer to it? will that work? just a thought... i'll keep Prestone in mind; thanks [Smile]
I like Prestone too for their winter anti-freeze. It works great at cleaning the windshield and it smells pretty good too.
i believe i used rainx last winter.. it was orange in color. it took a lot of washing, buffing, and waxing to clean the area around my washer nozzles after that had been baked my black paint on by the sun. i plan on using the regular ole blue stuff this winter, and just doing a good job with an ice scraper beforehand, so that my paint stays in good condition.
I use the orange rain-x. It is a seaonal item at Walmart. I pick up about 6 gallons in the winter and that will last me all winter thru the next summer. I have never had a problem with it freezing up, and it does get cold here.
I just picked up 4 gals of Slug-a-Bug at WM.  - This thing really cleans! Way better than the Rain X stuff. It says protects to +20 degrees. The coldest day in Austin in the last few years has been +25 degrees I guess this will be my all season formula [Happy]
PS this was 1.77 / gal. I have a can of Prestone de-icer in the trunk. I got it last winter after the windshield froze on me. With my luck it never froze again after I got it.
I actually had the prestone stuf freeze to my windshield once at above zero temps. Maybe a bad batch. :dunno: I use the Supertech "winter formula", look for the darkest colored bottle. I've only had a problem at very low temps, last year I tried adding deicer and it worked great. -T
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